September 2017 News
Match Event for Youth in Foster Care
The Center held a Match Event at the Community FoodBank of New Jersey on Saturday, September 9. There was a great turnout of youth and families interested in adopting – 15 youth and 9 families. 

The youth and families spent the day volunteering and helping the food bank pack pasta for families in need. Everyone loved giving back to the community and getting to know each other.

Now the children's social workers will follow up to see how many matches have been made.
Wednesday's Child
Marry is a very active, kind, considerate, and helpful 15-year-old who loves to have fun. Roller skating, gymnastics, volleyball, yoga, and swimming are among her favorite pastimes. She also enjoys watching TV and football and listening to music.

Vai Sikahema and the Wednesday’s Child crew met up with Marry at the Cherry Hill Skating Center in New Jersey. Vai and Marry skated together—Marry is a true skating pro!

Marry wants to be a police officer so that she can protect people. She dreams of having a family that will love and support her unconditionally—and maybe she can have a pet! She would bring incredible love, humor, and joy to a family, and would like to keep a connection with her younger brother and sister. Will you be Marry’s forever family?
November is National Adoption Month
We will be celebrating National Adoption Month in November; National Adoption Day is November 18, 2017.

The celebration is a national effort by child welfare organizations throughout the country to focus attention on the more than 110,000 children in foster care who are waiting for permanent, loving families .

The National Adoption Center works to raise awareness of and find families for these children all year. We hold match events, feature children in the media, host information sessions for prospective parents, training sessions for adoption professionals and have child specific recruitment services for youth waiting for their forever families.

Donate now and help children find the safe and loving homes they deserve.
Want to talk to others who have an interest in adoption? Come to AdoptSpeak, a community for those involved in the adoption process. You can virtually meet adoptees, professionals in the adoption arena and those who have adopted or who will adopt. Visit
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