If you've been with me awhile (some of you have for the entire 16 years I've been writing this blog!), or if you know me in person, then you know at least two things about me: that I'm a lover of art and that I'm a believer in justice. And I believe that art can lead us to justice because it educates. When we are educated, our minds are open, we are curious about others, and we can change.

The horrific death of Houston native George Floyd has been a lighting bolt for our country, and the unleashing of anger for centuries of racism. This week's march with Floyd's family was so important, and so Houston: peaceful and prayerful with some cowboy thrown in. We showed off our diversity and we came out in droves. Click on the image below for footage -- I was so proud watching it!

And our  arts organizations are showing up, at the marches and with their actions. Many of them have showcased work by black artists and about the black experience, but they are taking a closer look at their programming and are sharing their plans. Here's what the Alley Theatre, the Holocaust Museum HoustonRec Room Arts, Stages, and Writers in the Schools are saying. And we are home to several black-focused arts organizations including the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum, the Ensemble Theatre, the Houston Ebony Opera Guild, and the Houston Museum of African American Culture. They've been telling the story of blacks in America and around the world for years. Please take the time to learn more about their work if they are unfamiliar to you.

A black friend recently told me that seeing Black Panther changed her life because it was the first time <ever> that she had experienced so many positive images of her community onscreen. Art is also a mirror, and racial justice means diversity on display in all areas of human creation. Black Lives Matter on the streets and in the arts and w e have to do better! I am putting together a blog with resources, and will get that to you as soon as I can. I hope you'll join me in this very important movement.

Here's a great virtual event to get you started: my friend Tracie Jae of The Quiet Rebel has teamed up with Like Minds Communications to present Hear Our Voices: Women's Virtual Dialogue on Race and Culture on Saturday, June 13, 7-9pm. Your mind will be opened and hearts will connect. I hope to see you there!


At the start of quarantine, I promised you I would highlight local arts groups during this no-live-events time...ones whose events I would normally PICK for my blog Below is my latest  (Almost) Daily Dose ARTS PICKS  round-up; click on each image for my write-ups.  I've PICK-ed <FORTY-FIVE> so far!

And lastly, here's my list of art museums that are open. I hope you'll don your mask, distance your social, and get out there and explore! They aren't hosting large in person events but visitors can enjoy them on a limited basis or virtually. Museums around the country need extra help right now: click here  to advocate for their COVID-19 economic relief.

A SPECIAL SHOUT-OUT TO PARENTS: I know you are in the trenches of summer now, so be sure to check out my CAMP PICKS blogs here and the most recent one here. I've got the scoop on the best camps and whether they are live and/or virtual. I promise your kids will still have fun!


I'll be adjusting this blog to continue informing you while helping Houston's wonderful arts groups spread the word. Eventually I will go back to my format of writing about 3 ADULT PICKS and 3 KID PICKS for the weekend.  I look forward to browsing through hundreds of live events again.

In the meantime, please stay healthy!


Sarah Gish

P.S. If you want to IGNITE YOUR LIFE now or anytime, check out my list of "12 Ways to Ignite Your Life Daily" -- and watch the 12 videos I recently made about each Way  here. I'm very proud of that list and my work and I hope it will help you live a better life. Meditation, taking care of yourself, enjoying life, and laughing -- plus more! -- is what will get us through this global pandemic.