The last time I wrote you, we had just started a voluntary quarantine across the city. And now we are in stay-at-home status through April 3. My heart aches daily hearing tragic COVID-19 stories, and I worry about the health of the first responders. Scores of people are losing their jobs and their lives. 

Our lives have never been like this before and our world 
will never be the same when it's done.

It's a difficult time but I also am seeing a lot of beauty in these moments. People are connecting in ways they never have before, both in their homes and around the world. Nature is healing, showing us blue skies and clear waters. Compassion is increasing as is a deep (and perhaps new found) understanding that all 7.5 billion of us on this planet are connected. What happens in one part of the world affects all of us.

In the midst of all of this is incredible technological creativity! Children are out of school, but are learning so much online. And the Houston arts organizations I love to write about are rising up and shining with videos, Zoom chats, insider arts tours, and much more. I'm very impressed with all they are doing and I'm grateful for their hard work. Art feeds our soul -- and we need that now more than ever

I promised you I would highlight local arts groups during this no-live-events time...ones whose events I would normally PICK for this blog. Herewith is my new "(Almost) Daily Dose Arts PICKS" round-up from last week. Click on each logo for my write-ups. Enjoy! And be on the lookout next week for another round-up. They'll keep coming as long as the doors are still closed...


Our city and our world will recover from the virus! 
In the meantime: wash your hands, social distance, stay healthy, enjoy the arts digitally, and rest/rest/rest.


Sarah Gish

P.S. If you want to IGNITE YOUR LIFE! now or anytime, check out my " 12 Ways to Ignite Your Life Daily." I'm very proud of that list and hope it will help you live a better life. Meditation, taking care of yourself, enjoying life and laughing -- plus more! -- is what will get us through this global pandemic.