Congregation Am Haskalah of the Lehigh Valley iis proud to have been accepted to and participating in the the Lehigh Valley's cohort in the Harold Grinspoon Foundation's LIFE & LEGACY Program.

LIFE & LEGACY is designed so that every person can show his or her passion, love and commitment to Jewish organizations. It creates the space and dialogue to be proud of the history, present, and future of our congregation. It helps ensure the future of our congregation for generations to come.

Through a commitment now in a will, trust, retirement plan or insurance policy, Society Members join to dedicate themselves to the future health of our congregation's endowment, which supports the congregation's annual budget and special programs.

Through your commitment, you help to ensure the future of our education programs, rabbinic presence, and inclusive culture.

Through your commitment, you help us reach our goal of 18 new Society Members this year.

Through your commitment you promote the powerful presence of Am Haskalah in the Lehigh Valley.

Am Haskalah joins with 9 other Jewish organizations in the Lehigh Valley to ask for your commitment. Members are able to commit to as many of these organizations as desired.

Join us to hear more at our first Parlor Meeting - this coming Monday from 1:30-2:45pm at the home of Jenni Levy and David Smith - 913 N. 30th St. Allentown. RSVPs are appreciated, but not required to Rena - (future meetings will be at other times to compliment varying schedules)

We look forward to your joining us,

Your Am Haskalah Board

P.S. Want a sneak peek? See our Case Statement and the Letter of Intent

P.P.S. Have you already made the choice to include Am Haska lah in your will, trust, retirement plan or insurance policy? Then you are ready to be a Society Member! We hope you will sign the Letter of Intent to join our numbers toward our goal of 18 members and so we know to show our appreciation to you. Ask Rena how to move forward!