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Welcome to America's Top Dog Model  ®  Paw Print s contest winners' issue. Romeo and I thank you for registering to receive our monthly report.

I am very excited to introduce America's Top Dog Model ®  2019 "PupStar" national contest winner and finalists! Congratulations and best wishes to you all! 

Thank you America's Top Dog Model  ®  contestants, generous, prize contributors, friends, supporters, and the media. You all helped make this year's competition a huge, success and it was so much FUN!! We truly appreciate your time, participation, and generosity.

People often ask "what does it take to become America's Top Dog Model?" Romeo answers that question by offering valuable information, in his report "How to Become America's Top Dog Model."

Be sure to check out "Top Dog Events" to view "America's Top Dog Model finalists, Presley, Nevada, Bella Boo, and Kekoa, who were discovered at our Casting Call event at South Florida Pet Expo. I am very excited to announce that these amazing four finalists as well as all of the other fabulous, 2019 PupStar Contest winners, will star in America's Top Dog Model's New reality web series coming out this summer! Stay Tuned! 

Warmest Regards,

Jo Jo Harder
CEO/The Jo Jo Companies
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Americas Top Dog Model ®

      Thank you and Best Wishes
  America's Top Dog Model 2018
        National Contest Winner
             Always and Forever

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America's Top Dog Model ®
2019 Contest Winner 
Moto Girl

Moto Girl's Winning photo 
by Troy Martin Photography

Americas Top Dog Model ® 2019 contest "PupStar" has ended! It was a fun and exciting, competition! 
America's Top Dog Model ® 2019 winner and finalists were selected for their creative ideas, heartfelt stories, best portrayal of "America's Top PupStar" and how they make a difference in people's lives, which is our contest mission.

America's Top Dog Model ® national contest winner is Moto Girl, a stunning, 10-month old Chihuahua from Bend, Oregon.

In Moto Girl's winning contest entry, her human mom, April Nichols shared her heartwarming story about how they became a family:

"My husband and I wanted to bring a Chihuahua into our home. I was inquiring about the breed but was not yet ready to find our forever dog. One day, a lady called, asking for us to give a puppy a home. The puppy's family had a health emergency and could no longer care for her. She thought that we would be a perfect match for her." 

"We went to see the puppy that day and instantly fell in love. Now Moto Girl is our family and we couldn't imagine not having her with us. She has stolen our hearts, and she is the star of our home. I would never have thought that such a big personality could be in such a tiny dog."

"Moto Girl has a drive to learn. At nine months old, she passed basic obedience and she is now working towards earning her Canine Good Citizen Certificate. In addition to being a quick learner, Moto Girl is clever, sporty, loving, loyal, and a fashionista. When she gets dressed up, Moto Girl is a show stopper. She has a graceful prance, much like a model walking the runway. Moto Girl was definitely born to be a Pup Star!"  

Moto Girl will be featured on the cover and represent the month of April in America's Top Dog Model ® 2021 calendar. In addition, she will receive the following fabulous, prizes:
Finalists Prizes:
Eleven Finalists will be featured in America's Top Dog Calendar and website. Finalists will also receive a custom piece of jewelry from L i'Jeweled 
and an autographed copy of  How to Become a Top Dog Model.
We are honored to have Moto Girl represent America's Top Dog Model organization.      

Congratulations and best wishes to America's Top Dog Model ® 2019 Contest winner Moto Girl, her mom, April and the Nichols family! 
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Romeo Reports: 
How to Become America's Top Dog Model 
            Photo of Romeo by Dean Payne 
So... you want to be America's next top dog model or finalist? The first, step is to enter the contest! Look for contest announcements on America's Top Dog Model website, Facebook, and Twitter.  
You can increase your chances of winning by: Following the official rules, submitting a professional quality photo and fantastic story that "best" represents the contest theme along with all requested entry forms.   

Be creative so that your contest entry stands out! Winning photos creatively represent the contest theme and at the same time, they are simple and uncluttered (less is more). Your contest story should also be creative, and correspond with the contest theme.
C ontestants, please look your finest. Top dog models must be well groomed and paw-lished! 

Be a social networking butterfly both in person and on social media. 

Finally, it may help to attend one of America's Top Dog Model Casting Calls and other events where you may have the opportunity to be discovered. ARF ARF ARF! (Best of luck)!

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New Book Cover
America's Top Dog Model (R) 2007 Contest Finalist Trixie * Photo by Nicole Geller
This manual is the perfect guide for pet parents who are contemplating the canine modeling industry. Whether it's the runway, movies, magazines or television, readers will have valuable information and an honest approach to launching their pooches modeling career.


How to Become a Top Dog Model is packed with glamorous full-color photos and valuable information including:types of canine modeling, what it takes to be a top dog model, how to get started, and stay on top. There is also expert advice on where to look for modeling jobs, how to find an agent, and how to create tools of the trade.


Finally, you will meet America's Top Dog Models ® and find out how they got to the top and why they are dogs that make a difference™.


Available at EBook retailers worldwide:   


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Also available in  Soft Cover !

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   Top Dog Events

 L-R, Jason Schaeffer, Rebecca Shelton (Presley), Terry St. Angelo (Nevada), Jo Jo Harder, Darlene Samuels (Bella Boo), Michelle Smith (Kekoa), and Vasi Siedman.               

Oh what fun we had on March 23, 2019, when  America's Top Dog Model  
presented a casting call hosted by Pet Con at the  South Florida Pet Expo in West Palm Beach! I was one of the judges, along with Jason Schaefer, owner of WoofGang Bakery Palm Beach, and Visstudiofl photographer,  Vasi Siedman
                Photo by Vasi Siedman

Enjoyed being interviewed on the red carpet by our amazing host Deidre Heavey.  

                Photo by Vasi Siedman

Deidre Heavey interviewed Cheryl Bauer and Pearl on the red carpet. 

                 Photo by Vasi Siedman

Kelcey Roberts and Lily were also interviewed on the red carpet.

Thank you everyone who participated in this wonderful event.


Please join us for this Top Dog Event, Tuesday, May 7th, 2019 at 6:30 pm, hosted by Central Bark Doggy Day Care in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Benefits Awesome Greyhound Rescue. 

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Introducing America's Top Dog Model 2019 Contest Finalists!

Meet Eleven fascinating, finalists discovered during America's Top Dog Model ® 2019 Contest "PupStars." 

January:   Nevada loves it when
 the camera rolls and the lights go on! This lovely, South Beach fashionista, walks the catwalk with style and aplomb. She has been entering costume contests with her mom Terry St. Angelo, since she was three months old. They also star in countless fundraisers in South Florida. Nevada brings a smile to everyone that meets her and she loves to make new pup friends.

          Nevada's   photo by J.C. Penny Portraits  

February:  From the very moment Athena became part of Cristina Bruno Dalola's family she just fit right in, loving each member of the family in her special way. When she senses someone is sad, she will run up to them giving kisses and hugs. "She is the Rockstar of our New York home. With her unconditional love she makes our lives better," says mom Cristina. "I am an artist and fantasy costume designer, and Athena loves to sit next to me on her meditation pillow and observe me creating art. That is when I decided to make her a dress...my first dog dress ever. she loved being in the gown and posing for the camera, and since then I have created unique doggie dresses for her."
 Athena's  photo by mom Cristina Bruno Dalola
Ryder Cole had a rough life before being rescued by mom Elizabeth Landry, and becoming the superstar that he is now. Not only is he a piano playing rock star like his favorite performer, Elton John, but he rocks the pet world as well. He has won several titles and he models for designers all over the world. So, if you want a little "Louisiana Crocodile Rock," or "Meet Benny and the Jets," Ryder can take you there. He is a character when he wants to be and very lovable. Any Saturday night, you can find him dressing as Rocket Man and singing "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me." If you believe he is a rock star now, just wait!

Ryder's photo by mom Elizabeth Landry

Tucker, a handsome Miniature Aussie from Norwalk, Connecticut, had a very rough start in life. After arriving at his forever home with Derek Emerick, he developed pneumonia and was gravely ill. He also developed many other health issues. But with Derek's love and care he recovered. "Even with all these issues, he is the friendliest and happiest dog ever," according to Derek. "He loves people and he is always looking for belly rubs with his magical blue eyes. People constantly ask me if he is a model."

      Tucker's photo by dad Derek Emerick

May:    Meet 
Bella Boo, an adorable Pomeranian from Venice, Florida. "She is a very happy little dog that loves all people which makes her an ideal candidate to become a certified therapy dog," says her mom Darlene Samuels. "I fell immediately in love with her even after discovering she was disabled. She has a birth defect in her hind legs, making it difficult for her to run, walk and play like most other dogs. However, Bella Boo is a determined little dog and doesn't let her disability hold her back. This brave little pup has even learned to swim and climb stairs."  

"I look forward to taking her to meet children in schools and hospitals so she can teach them that even dogs with a disability can achieve anything...even become a Top Dog Calendar Model."

"Bella Boo has made a huge impact in my life by her giving me unconditional love, and amusing me with her silly antics. Bella Boo's life is deserving of a "Pupstar" status, having accomplished all that she has done and the adventures that await her. Bella Boo...A Pupstar Is Born!!!"
          Bella Boo's
photo by Vasi Siedman

Meet Macie Blu, a stunning, Mountain Cur and Siberian Husky Mix from Brazoria, Texas. Macie Blu was adopted by Brooklyn Miller on November 16, 2016 while she was in foster care. Here's Brooklyn's story:
"Before we adopted Macie, we had two dogs named Roxie and Carlie. Those two were inseparable. You couldn't part them because they loved each other so much. About a year after we took them in, Carlie got sick and she did not survive. Once she passed, Roxie became very depressed. She wouldn't eat, and she no longer played, so we had to do something. When we brought Macie home, it was as if they had known each other for years. She has definitely brought back happiness into our lives. Macie saved Roxie, but she saved the humans in our family as well. That's why we think she's a "Pupstar."
         Macie Blu's photo by Brooklyn Miller

July: Meet Presley Elizabeth," an adorable Chihuahua Min Pin mix from Delray Beach, Florida. She was rescued by her mom Rebecca Shelton, in 2016 at three months old. Presley had a rough start in life but has grown to be a brave puppy girl. She has a special ability to welcome strangers with love and affection. In Presley's three short years she has participated in various local contests, and has made a name for herself in the community by having three "Best in Show" wins and placing in the top rank for others. She was recently featured on the nationally  syndicated television show "Right This Minute" and on local news stations. Presley resides with her two rescue sisters, Belladonna and Chi-Chi. The family mission is to encourage people to "adopt don't shop"  and to bring awareness to all animals in need of a furever home.
            Presley's photo by Vasi Siedman
Introducing Daphney, from Coral Springs, Florida. This sweet Papillion, was rescued from five different, horrific, puppy mills by her human mom Lois Weiss. As you can see in Daphney's photo, she is Jeannie, the TV pupstar! She has won countless trophies at benefits for rescues and has been featured numerous times in newspapers, magazines, and on television. Jeannie grants all pupstars their wishes because they are all stars and all deserve loving homes! Daphney  brings smiles to humans at assisted living facilities and schools. She loves to be petted and she enhances the lives of others with her beauty, sweetness, and smile.

           Daphney's photo by Brian Sugerman
SeptemberMeet Kekoa, a four-year-old Alaskan Malamute from Boca Raton, Florida. Here is Kekoa's story translated by her human mom Michelle Smith:

"Hi there, or as I like to say Wooo woooo. I am Kekoa. I've been with my 'pack' since I was a pupsqueak. I rode for sixteen blissful hours in a car with my new Mom from North Carolina to Florida; listening to music the whole time. My first howl was at rock music. After that, came country music; and I 'sang' to every song. I knew every word and the beat and rhythm made me dance, which is why country music is my theme for PupStars. You really should hear me sing! Others have asked Mom if I do tricks. Mom says "no, her talent is "she looks beautiful, but more importantly Kekoa can wash away any worry, concern or pain with one look."
            Kekoa's photo by Vasi Siedman

Peanut's mom Julianne Dristas, volunteers with a Dachshund Rescue in San Antonio, Texas. She picked up Peanut from the local animal control one hour before euthanasia. She had a broken pelvis and leg. She rehabilitated and found her forever home through a "foster fail." Her natural modelling talent was only realized by her mom in the last year. Now Peanut pays it forward by fundraising for the Dachshund Rescue that saved her life. In the last 3 years, she has helped raise over $150,000 to save the lives of hundreds of dachshunds like her.
     Peanut's photo by mom Julianne Dristas
November:  Introducing talented, Kronos, a 6-year-old half deaf Australian Cattle Dog Mix. He was adopted by his mom Tiffany Hughes from an Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue, and he has brought so much joy and light to her life. He is very photogenic and often the subject of his mom's many photos.

Kronos is well trained and he has earned a Novice Trick Dog Title. He knows a wide variety of tricks including paws up, wave, head down, basketball, skateboard, carrying a basket, dancing on hind legs, sitting up, leg weaves, rebound off chest, jump over arms, walking with paws on feet, peek-a-boo, jump through legs, and more. Has also been canoeing, camping, stand up paddle boarding, and kayaking.

Together Kronos and his mom have done a few shows with traveling stunt dog teams and they have appeared on a national rescue dog show to support animal rescues. Additionally, Tiffany's photos of Kronos have appeared in advertising, on the cover of Dogster Magazine summer 2018, and even on a billboard in Times Square on New Year's Eve!

         Kronos  photo by mom Tiffany Hughes

December:   Moto Girl - America's Top Dog Model National Winner
Congratulations America's Top Dog Model finalists and their families!

I hope that you have enjoyed meeting our 2019 contest winners. See you in July for our summer issue.

"Summertime is always the best of what might be." ~ Charles Bowden

Best Wishes,
 Jo Jo Harder

The Jo Jo Companies