Step Into Spiritual Empowerment
When we are called to serve the Light, angels surround us, inspire and protect us, bringing gifts of renewed energy and healing or new supportive, like-minded friends into our lives.

Whether we recognize the presence of our angelic helpers or not, they enfold us in invisible wings of love and support. We have to learn to allow ourselves to be open to this.

No matter what is going on around us, in our own lives or the wider world, we may always try to see the positive and feel love for others. But we can’t just sit back and wait. We have to be proactive.

The opportunity for personal spiritual empowerment and fulfillment is right now. 
We are being called in greater numbers to be Light Workers on a grand scale.

I recommend a simple affirmation to support yourself in this process. Click through to my blog post this week to find out more and try it for yourself:

Upcoming Events
I'll be giving an evening talk at the College of Psychic Studies, London SW7 at the end of the mont h - I'll be inviting you to take part in a group visualisation/ meditation to feel for yourself the magnitude of the loving angelic energies available to us for protection, healing and guidance, as these vibrational shifts occur in our lives. And I'll share some clear, down-to earth and very practical tools for enhancing that angelic connection in unique and powerful ways.

27th October 7pm
Cost: £14 entry fee (£12 for members)
I'll be running a workshop at the Wellbeing Festival at the NEC, Birmingham at the beginning of November. Be inspired. Experience and explore ways to develop practical tools and spiritual practices. Deepen your connection, balance your energies, attune to the magnificent Light of the Archangels. Receive guidance, find inner peace, life-purpose, healing, protection and love. Embrace this opportunity to engage with powerful beneficent angelic energies for yourself.
4th November 10.30am
Cost: £15
PLUS further events in November and December - check the website for details or watch out for further announcements.