April 2017
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Who We Are
As a MA Department of Mental Health Research Center of Excellence, SPARC aims to improve the mental and behavioral health of all citizens of Massachusetts and beyond.
Transitions RTC
A division of SPARC, the Transitions RTC promotes the full participation in socially valued roles of transition-age youth and young adults (ages 14-30) with serious mental health conditions.
What We Do
SPARC and Transitions RTC are committed to transferring knowledge and insights gained through rigorous research to improve the lives of people with lived mental health experience.

We conduct Participatory Action Research, an all-inclusive approach that ensures that every aspect of our research incorporates the voices of those with lived mental health experience. 
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Upcoming Events
Don't miss the Transitions RTC webinar by Vanessa Klodnick & Jonathan Delman!

Employing Young Adult Peer Support Workers:
A Toolkit for Providers
Thursday, May 11th 
Noon to 1pm

New Contest!
Celebrate May is Mental Health Month.   
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Protecting Research Participants   
How can we reduce "therapeutic misconception" in clinical trials?
2017 MA Department of Mental Health Research Centers of Excellence Conference
View SPARC's Presentation Slides and Posters.    
A Call for Comprehensive Perinatal Psychotherapy Training
Training in evidence-based psychotherapeutic practices can effectively address issues that arise during the perinatal and postpartum periods. 
Outside-The-Box College Accommodations: Real Support for Real Students
Think "outside-the-box" to get the educational accommodations that help college students with lived mental health experience with their unique struggles.
Read the Tip Sheet

CBTV: Outside the Box Accommodations in College, Part 1.
Gus and special guest, Laura DiGalbo, talk about college accommodations and how to get them in a way that will really support college students with mental health lived experience.

Marsha Langer Ellison
Marsha Ellison is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and the Deputy Director of  the Learning and Working During the Transition to Adulthood Rehabilitation Research and Training Center.  
Marsha Ellison was featured in March 2017 SAMHSA's Practicing Recovery Newsletter.

In the News
NEW RESEARCH! SPARC researcher Ekaterina Pivovarova receives UMass Center for Clinical & Translational Science Award for her proposal,  
  Examining Attrition in Substance Abuse Treatment Through the Health-related Quality of Life Lens.

SPARC will have an exhibit table at the 8th Annual Asian American Mental Health Forum on Wednesday May 10, 2017 at Clark University. The event is hosted by the Southeast Asian Coalition of Central Massachusetts.