September 25, 2017 "Are you a wimp? "
Fear will prevent us from doing what we know needs to be done. Apprehension, avoidance and the threat of pain (either physical or mental) are by-products of fear. If we let fear control us, our employees will exert more control over us, vendors take advantage of us and end up with better deals than they should be getting. We become "wimps."
       "Are you a wimp?"
Wimps never take a stand on controversial issues. They do not have the fortitude to follow through on the tough issues as they should. Lacking in confidence and the courage to hold others accountable, demonstrates wimpyness to your employees. The inability to make timely decisions that involve risk on business or personnel issues are all "wimpy" traits. Avoidance of conflict because we want to be liked while knowing that making unpopular decisions may turn people against us demonstrates our weakness not our confidence. Fear of the unknown causes us to look at change with pessimism, identifying our apprehension and our wimpy attitude toward the unknown.
        "Beat wimpyness with COURAGE"
Having the moral and mental strength to face adversity, make tough decisions and forging ahead are traits of courage. Placing "what is right" before procrastination and fear of failure are acts of bravery in business. Not allowing others, employees or vendors, to dictate what they want instead of what is best for the business, are signs of leadership courage. Preserving through adversity, whether emotional or physical, and making the choices to act rightly, even when it is uncomfortable for you, changes "wimpy management" into leadership courage. Choose courage and leave "wimpy" behind.
"Without practicing daily courage, your leadership, your business will never be all they can."
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