November 6, 2020
(As for) Me & My House
for the week of November 8, 2020

What you need: a watch, clock, or timer; a quiet creative activity; a candle (if it's okay, or an intentional object like a cross); a Bible, if you'd like; paper; something to write with; a snack. Have your class with a sibling or other family members, or enjoy this time by yourself.

1) Begin with a transition time - Peace & Quiet: enjoy a creative activity for about 10 minutes (journaling, clay, Legos, drawing, etc.) - a time to change gears

2) Next, clear that space, or move to another space, and light a candle (or place your intentional object). Settle in, and say a prayer, like: Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. (Psalm 119:105). Offer more prayers, silently, or out loud, if you want.

3) Here are the appointed readings for November 8, 2020. Find them in your Bible, or click here: (also in Spanish)

Our focus for this class = Joshua 24:14-15

Here's the setting: Joshua gathered all the tribes of Israel to Shechem, and summoned the elders, the heads, the judges, and the officers of Israel; and they presented themselves before God. And Joshua said to all the people, "Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel. . . " (and what follows is the history of the people from Abraham up to their own families. Worth catching up with!). Then Joshua continues, saying:

"Now therefore revere the Lord, and serve him in sincerity and in faithfulness; put away the gods that your ancestors served beyond the River and in Egypt, and serve the Lord. Now if you are unwilling to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served in the region beyond the River or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living; but as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord."

Revere = French révérer or Latin revereri, from re- (expressing intensive force) + vereri ('to fear'). To venerate, worship, admire greatly; to respect, to be filled with awe!

Serve the Lord: here are 3 ways to do that:
1. help others (be the hands & feet of Jesus in this world) There's a zillion ways. What's 1?
2. use your gifts (what are your strengths & talents?) You are uniquely gifted! Use your gifts!
3. pray (what's your favorite way to pray?) Give thanks, pray for others' needs, pray for yourself. Chill, meditate, spend some minutes in Centering Prayer, try some lectio divina, sing, do a walking or running meditation, make some art, have a private chat - pray!

in sincerity: ya gotta mean it. But you can fake it 'til you make it, if that helps

and in faithfulness: be mindful, be present, just do it. Make a plan & stick with it.

Choose this day (NOW) whom you will serve: bc there's no time like the present. Really! What helps you to make good choices? What would happen if you chose to serve something other than the Lord? What will happen if you choose to serve the Lord?

as for me and my household: that would be you, plus whoever you claim as family-in-God

We will serve the Lord: with singleness of heart!

4) Think about what you read, chat about it if you have company, look it up online (if allowed) and see if there's commentary about it – do you agree? Do you feel called to do something?

5) Brainstorm & make a poster: Top 10 Ways My Household Will Serve the Lord. Take a pic; email me! (Thank you!)

6) Snack time! Prayers first: talk to God! "I'm grateful for, I'm worried about, I ask for" etc. And/or take 5 or more minutes for centering prayer: relaxing into peace & letting thoughts go. Breathe! Enjoy your snack.

7) Finally, clean up your space(s), and say a closing prayer, like: Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. - Plato. Blow out the candle, or put away the intentional object (or leave it there if you'd like to create a little sacred area) and say out loud:
Go now in peace, to love and serve the Lord! Thanks be to God! ALLELUIA!
Come to a ZOOM CLASS IN 2 WEEKS (catch up w each other, Fr John, & Linda):
6:30pm, Friday, November 20: click here for the Zoom link
Zoom class every third Friday!
LMK if you want the links to past classes.
And: How are you?! How's school, how's your world? What can St James do for you?

Peace, Linda
Adults: Please share this email with youth. If you'd like me also to send these emails to the kids, please email me their addresses & your permission. Thanks! Linda