Sweet Crisp Juicy
Gift of Sugar
6,000 Slices
Welcome to our latest newsletter.  Beautiful weather this Fall is helping us bring in the most wonderful fruit.  On our purchase page, the sections for patented and traditional varieties are the lists of pears currently available from the orchard. 
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                                                                        September 2013

Sweet. Crisp. Juicy. 


What makes our Asian Pears so wonderful is how sweet, crisp and juicy they are to taste.   Our particular weather, soil, farming, and patented varieties is our secret.    Hosui variety is especially sweet this season with hints of honey, melon and starfruit; it melts in your mouth.  JunoSan, rich with flavors of sweet apple and candy, is especially crunchy this year.  


One of our new varieties, unamed but we call it  'A-7', is rich in fresh flavors of kiwi, wildflowers and simple sugar.   Curious about this new pear?  Email us if you'd like us to ship you this curiously green flecked variety when you place your order via our website (select five or nine pound Executive Gift Box).   Pears that we are currently picking include EliSan and Niitaka  - both have beautiful, rich flesh, golden skin,  and delicately sweet flavors.  

Gift of Nature's Sugar.

Looking for the sweetest gift for yourself or to share with others?  Celebrate the harveset season and send a box of our fresh, sweet, crisp and juicy Asian Pears. Right from our farm to your home or office. 


Free shipping for our newsletter readers for the month of October for our five pound gift box size, any variety of Asian Pear. Please use promo code: October when you place your order online: or via email.  


6,000 Slices.

Join Subarashii as it serves up slices of fresh Asian Pears to all the women runners and walkers during the upcoming Women's 5K Classic Run in Allentown, PA on October 12th.   Runners for the cure will be treated to a refreshing and juicy slice of our fruit after they cross the finish line.   For more info:  5KClassic.    


Curious about our range of varieties of Asian Pears?  Visit us at our many events taking place this Fall in PA, NJ, DC and other States.  


Artisan Cheese & Wine Pairing Event Weekend with the Berks County Wine Trail, October 5th & 6th, will be the ultimate tour of our Asian Pear varieties - taste a different variety of Asian Pear at each stop along the wine trail: Berks County Wine Trail in Eastern Pennsylvania. 


Taste! Festival of Food, Wine & Spirits in Philadelphia will feature several varieties of our Asian Pears "peared"  with our wines & spirits on October 18, 19, 20th. For more info & tickets:  Taste!   Learn more about our fresh Asian Pear events;  learn more about our Asian Pear Wine & Spirits events  


Asian Pear Tatin 


One of our readers and pear fan, Erik, emailed us a recipe he used to create an Asian Pear Tatin. Tatin is a dense, rich type of tarte; looks similar to a pie.   


Click here to link to this recipe from Epicurious.  Simply substitute Asian Pear for regular pears. To purchase our fresh, gourmet Asian Pears online, click here.






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