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Hi, we are Kristin Allison and Anna Esposito, co-owners of the new edible cookie dough shop “Doughin’ Crazy”! We are very excited to share this unique treat with our community and hope you all enjoy it! Ask us anything!

What is your personal favorite thing to get on the menu? 
Anna: Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough  
Kristin: Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Shake 
How do you define success? 
A & K: Setting an ultimate goal and taking steps whether large or small until you reach that goal. Success is always a work in progress!  
What is your favorite food to cook? 
A: I love to get together with my family and make cappelletti or “capllet” for short (meaning little hats in Italian). It’s a noodle with a super delicious filling served in chicken broth that my Noni and Papa always made, and it brings back many memories of gatherings around their table when I was young. It’s an all-day affair (because we make so much of it to share with the entire family). I love it because it brings the family together and there is a job for everyone big and small!  
K: Chicken Picatta is my favorite food and my husband I love to cook together!  
What made you start your business? 
A & K: A love for all things cookie/cookie dough and a very inspirational girls trip to Nashville!  
What is so unique about your business and what separates you from other cookie dough places? 
A & K: The experience is what’s going to set us apart from other cookie dough places. Our idea is for it to be fun, vibrant, upbeat and Instagram worthy! 
What is some advice you would give someone if they wanted to start their own business? 
A & K: Use your resources, talk to everyone and tell them about what you are doing (you never know who may be able to help or guide you), don’t be afraid to ask for help, always have a backup plan...or two! Most importantly, don’t give up!  

If you could be one cookie dough, what would you be? 
A: I would be signature crazy dough with edible glitter and lots of sprinkles and chocolate a waffle cone!  
K: A peanut butter dough with a chocolate drizzle on top! 

What is the best opportunity you’ve had in your business? 
A & K: The H2 grant opportunity. The support and guidance from Rick and Meghan Hogrefe along with ECEDC, RISE and many others! 

Marketplace at Cooke

Developed by Meghan & Rick Hogrefe of H2 Property Management, the Marketplace is located in the heart of downtown. With multiple street entrances, the H2 team thought it time to bring “malls” back to downtown. After a $7.5M transformation, the property will open as an indoor retail space with a mix of local shops, food and entertainment. Locals will love the common spaces, as the Hogrefe’s have constructed a history walk through the City of Sandusky with art and artifacts of Sandusky through the ages. Additionally, they are bringing a Children’s Museum to the Lower Level of the Marketplace.  Join us for the Grand Opening on Saturday, April 27.
Doughin' Crazy and other businesses moving into The Marketplace are supported by RISE - the Regional Incubator for Sustainability & Entrepreneurship.