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Hi, I’m Ryan, partner in Noble Axes. We are working to bring more entertainment options and things to do to downtown Sandusky. Ask me anything!
What is going to be so unique about Noble Axes?
This will be the first axe throwing venue in a smaller community, not just the big metro areas. Also the way we did it – the look with reclaimed wood and reclaimed steel is over the top and unique for an axe throwing venue.

Are you a cat or a dog person?
*points to dog by his side*
Bayley is 14 years old and I’m fortunate that for the last 12 years I’ve had jobs where she can come to work with me.
If you could sit down and eat dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? 
Steve Jobs. Or maybe Ernest Hemingway.

What is one thing you would go back and tell 18-year-old you?
Go experience life a little bit if you’re not quite feeling ready for higher education. The mistake I made was going to college right out of high school instead of getting experience,
seeing the world, and going when I was ready.
If you could have the answer to any question, what would you ask?
A definitive answer of how the earth was formed.
What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?
Invest more in Sandusky. I would also take a really awesome worldwide tour for a few months and hike the Appalachian Trail.

How did you come up with the name Noble Axes?
We tested different ideas. As is trending right now, we really liked the concept of the Viking culture (thanks to shows like Game of Thrones, Vikings, and Norseman). That plus the definition of “noble” - that it’s good, virtuous, and honorable - fits our concept. Ultimately the name is easy to say and marketable.

Why did you decide to come back to Sandusky?
I came back 8 years ago. I was visiting family quite a bit and I re-fell-in-love with it. The potential that it has, I could see it - with the waterfront, the structures, the downtown, the destination. I’ve been lucky to be part of it and have seen other people realize the same thing. Just in 8 years what it has done and become is truly amazing.
What is some advice you would give someone if they wanted to start their own business?
Research and plan; but on the same note, realize that you can’t plan everything, and be able to pivot when needed. Understand and have the stomach to take the risk. It is risky, but it’s worth it. Even if you fail, you learn something and can always start again.

How did you come up with the idea of an axe throwing bar?
The idea was shared with Rick Hogrefe and me from another local entrepreneurial thinker. We were able to work out a plan and run with it.
Marketplace at Cooke

Developed by Meghan & Rick Hogrefe of H2 Property Management, the Marketplace is located in the heart of downtown. With multiple street entrances, the H2 team thought it time to bring “malls” back to downtown. After a $7.5M transformation, the property will open as an indoor retail space with a mix of local shops, food and entertainment. Locals will love the common spaces, as the Hogrefe’s have constructed a history walk through the City of Sandusky with art and artifacts of Sandusky through the ages. Additionally, they are bringing a Children’s Museum to the Lower Level of the Marketplace.  Join us for the Grand Opening on Saturday, April 27.
Businesses like Noble Axes, many that are opening in the Marketplace, are supported by RISE - the Regional Incubator for Sustainability & Entrepreneurship.