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An Inspiring Thought for the Week
"And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country . My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man. Finally, whether you are citizens of America or citizens of the world, ask of us the same high standards of strength and sacrifice which we ask of you."
We hope you find our new interactive weekly eMagazine helpful during these difficult Covid-19 days. We plan to publish a new edition every Monday morning with an inspiring message of hope to start your week. The eMagazine is unique in that it will be interactive. Unlike most magazines which are one-way streets, this one is a two-way where readers are given the opportunity to contribute content and articles. 

Ideas for future issues? Please email: jbuchanan@primerus.com
The Primerus Promise
What does it mean when 170 law firms from across the globe promise that they will adhere to the highest standards of the profession as set forth in the Primerus Code of Excellence called the “Six Pillars”?
B y:Jack Buchanan

Covid-19. How did the world get blindsided by such a treacherous and destructive enemy that just seemed to have come out of nowhere? This article is a continuation of the conversation we started last week in the first issue of The Primerus Weekly . To review that article, click here
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The Primerus Optimistic Index
This is the beginning of an interactive graph that will help us try to accurately predict the progress the world is making in getting control over the Coronavirus and bringing the economies of the world back to relatively normal operations. Factoring in the feedback from the membership, Primerus is at a 7 on the Optimistic Index this week. Where are you? Please take the survey below.
How Optimistic Are You?
Share with us your feelings.
Three Frogs
B y: Nick Kacher

There are three frogs sitting on a lily pad when one of the frogs decides to jump off. How many frogs are now on the lily pad?  
What will "Normal" be after Coronavirus?
B y: Sheila Buchanan

The objective for all countries is getting back to “normal”. Our economies are shaky, our businesses are in peril, enormous numbers of people are unemployed, and many are pleading to reopen their businesses.
Good People Doing Good Things
B y: Chad Sluss

Primerus members amaze me every day. Below are a few examples of how our members live by the mantra “Good People Who Happen to Be Good Lawyers.”   
The Value of a Handwritten Note
B y: Katie Bundyra

There’s nothing quite like receiving a handwritten note in the mail. What used to be a common occurrence has now become a novelty.
Primerus Webinar Series
April 28th - The Trucking Industry's Reaction to COVID-19: What's Happened and What to Expect
May 5th - Cyber and Compliance and Litigation: What Now?
May 7th - Stand Out in Front of the Crowd: How to Develop Long Term Relationships with Clients and What Makes you Better than the Other Law Firms
May 12th - Force Majure and Business Interruption
Monday Morning Coffee with
Jack Buchanan

Join us next Monday for coffee and conversation. We will be discussing some interesting new things we are doing at Primerus these days including our new website design and our new “Virtual Law Firm” concept. In order to keep the conversation manageable, we must limit it to 25 attendees so that everyone can participate. We will do this on a first come basis. If you cannot do it this week, then please put your name in for a future Monday of “Coffee and Conversation.”  On Monday, May 11th, we will be holding a coffee at 10:00 am CST (Shanghai Time) to accommodate our members from the Asia Pacific Region.

Monday, May 4th 10:00 AM EDT /
2:00 PM GMT

Email kamick@primerus.com to Sign Up
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For the Kids:

Member Virtual Meet Up

During these unprecedented times we need to do things a little differently. With so many in-person events cancelled this year, Primerus would like to provide an opportunity for the membership to connect virtually. During the video conference call, we hope you will share information about your firm, how you and your firm are adjusting to the current global pandemic, and how we can all provide assistance to each other. We would like to see as many Primerus faces as we can, and hope that you can join us! 

Wednesday, April 29th 11:00 AM EDT /
3:00 PM GMT
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