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November 2021
Dear friends,
Welcome to my monthly "PHOTOBLOG" newsletter, which I have been publishing for several years and have enjoyed sending to friends and clients in order to keep them informed of my current photographic interests, new works, upcoming exhibits and other Gallery events.
A new "subject" is at the center of each Newsletter, with which I present a short series of pertinent images along with any needed description and details, in order to allow my viewers to become more actively part of the discussion.
Most of the imagery displayed will be eventually on view at "IMAGES" Art Gallery, 14406 Detroit Rd., Lakewood, and of course I always welcome anyone's comments and interest in my work; the Gallery has been open for a while, and I would be very happy to extend to all an invitation to contact us so that a personal "safe" time for a visit could be conveniently arranged, if so desired by you.

Any of these and other images could be custom printed/framed and become part of your art collection, based on your specifications and desires.
Over the years my recipients list has gradually grown, thanks to your interest and support, and I encourage you to share this "PHOTOBLOG" with friends and art lovers in your circles.
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A sincere "thank you" for your interested attention,
Marcello Mellino.
Today we are close to the end of October, as we await for Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas and the Holiday Season in full force...Summer is really gone once again! While I certainly enjoy all these festivities, deep in my heart I wish I could still be walking along warm beaches and blue waters, anywhere...! Yes, I am not a skier, I'll admit to it without shame!
So, please come along on a virtual tour of beaches in Italy, Florida, Ohio...but we could be in so many other places, really, since the simple and deep enjoyment of the moment is always the same as long as the basic ingredients remain present: water, sand, sunny skies and the beauty of nature surrounding us.
Friends, have fun "!" and reminisce, while awaiting for 2022 to come along!
Images of lonely beaches along the Keys, above, along with what's left of an old pier; some might recognize our Lakewood Clifton beach, with four colorful "donuts" neatly lined up on the sand at the end of a wonderful Summer day.
Nothing is sweeter than watching children as they get to explore a new beach hand in hand, while a lone woman interrupts her walk searching for that "perfect" sea shell...
The beautiful pier at sunset is in Naples: it always attracts big crowds for the fishing and the spectacular sightings!
I saw the lone blue and white cabanas as we were walking the Delray beaches one early morning, and loved the simple scene; above, driftwood and mangroves near the Everglades, and a couple of crowded beach "moments" I usually try to avoid...
I saw that rusted key dangling on the wall of an old building in Sperlonga by the sea, along the Italian Amalfi coast: it was an unusually warm day late in Autumn, with no more bathers around, and with a rather " Fellinian" atmosphere...
A large flock of seagulls taking off as waves keep coming to shore: the morning was really captivating and I spent several hours photographing those quiet surroundings on several occasions.
Very intricate sand castles are at times seen on the Naples and Fort Myers beaches, where actual international sand castles building competitions are regularly held. Fishing can be fun and at times productive, particularly for me when I can catch with my camera an unusual beach scene: the heron stood by the kids for a very long while, hoping to ultimately get his fishy reward...
And finally a few "magic" Florida skies, with sunny skies and spectacular clouds as well as with a sudden storm quickly approaching, all producing great images!
"IMAGES" Art Gallery is currently showing a variety of new imagery, as well as some very interesting "vintage" photographs I have collected in time and gladly share with our customers.
As we approach the Holiday Season on this very unique and challenging 2021, retailers and store owners are facing serious difficulties with supplies and their inventories related to the well known nation wide issues; however IMAGES Art Gallery is fortunately not dealing with such issues and remain available to fulfill your gifting needs with original, limited edition prints, framed or to be framed, as well as with our unique note card sets and with other types of art.
Please feel free to stop by the Gallery for a visit, or contact us in advance for a private, convenient time; we are available to work on specific projects you might have in mind and will be happy to discuss your needs further.

To all, a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!