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George Washington High School's Latin Club Volunteers 

During the month of February, George Washington High School's (GWHS) Latin Club spent the afternoon at the Foster Street Club. Members of the Latin Club planned challenging activities for members of the Club. Twenty Latin Club members participated in the visit. 

GWHS Latin teacher, Aliea  Lewis, challenged her Latin Club members to come up with activities for the Club kids as well as having the students lead the various activities with the Foster Club members. The Latin Club members were very engaged in hands- on activities that included building and testing catapults, making Valentine's cards, as well as having fun with a game of duck, duck, goose.

Latasha Austin, Foster Street Club Director, stated, "The group working with our club kids was amazing! They were engaged and worked to really connect with our members. This group of volunteers really came prepared and we very much appreciate their visit!"  A big thanks to Danville Public Schools, George Washington High School, Mrs. Aliea Lewis and the GWHS Latin Club!
 Cell Phones & 3D Imaging
Cell Phones and 3D Imaging at the Chatham Club

While Chatham Club members are not allowed to use cell phones during Club programming times. This day was different. Chatham staff member, Ms. Amanda, invited all youth participating in the STEM program to pull out their phones! Why? To learn about holograms.

After watching a short video on animation and movie production, the Club members learned how they could utilize their cell phones and transparency paper to make 3D shapes like unicorns, horses and even skeletons. They also learned about Pepper's Ghost, an illusion trick used theater, museums, television and concerts. This technique is used to 'trick the mind' into seeing something that really isn't there.  At the conclusion of the program, Club members produced their own Pepper's Ghost! 
 Teens Attend Anti-Drug Conference
Lashawn Farmer, BGCDA Director of Programs & Operations, Club Teen Members, and Travis Carter, Foster Street Club Teen Director
Teens Partner with RASAP to Attend 
Anti-Drug Conference

Teens and staff from the Foster Street Club attended the 29th Annual Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) Conference February 4-7, 2019. Thanks to the partnership with the Regional Alliance for Substance Abuse  Prevention (RASAP), teens and staff participated in many workshops and participated in discussion centered around substance abuse prevention. 

Everyone attending to conference was surprised by a special attendee; the First Lady, Melanie Trump. First Lady Melanie shared information with the young leaders about her work in fighting substance abuse. 

Teen members also had the opportunity to visit with members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington Area. They also spent time touring the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture as well as other national monuments. BGCDA's teens are excited to bring back what was learned to the Club. 
 Reaching More Youth
Pittsylvania County Schools Support BGCDA Expansion

In partnership with Pittsylvania County Schools, the Chatham Club of BGCDA is now providing pick up at both Southside Elementary and Gretna Middle School. This opportunity is for any student that wants to participate in BGCDA's after school program. 

T his partnership is an opportunity for BGCDA to provide academic support, youth development programs that build character and leadership to new members! A BIG shout out to Pittsylvania County Schools for their continued commitment to providing resources to the kids that need us the most. For more information, contact Lashawn Farmer, Director of Programs & Operations at 434.792.3266.

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