Calabasas, October 24, 2017:  The Bio Supply Management Alliance (BSMA), advocate of innovation in the supply chain of the biopharma industry, recognized Kite Pharma and Envirotainer to be the recipients of the prestigious annual award for Supply Chain Management Innovation in bio-pharma for 2017 at its 10th Annual Conference on the 12th of October in Foster City, California.

Over 230 members of the industry engaged in finding solutions for the formidable challenges of advancing and transforming the young biotech industry at the summit. The confluence of biotech drug manufacturers, the service providers, the technology enablers and academia yielded a fierce exchange of ideas and solutions to address the challenges faced in a collaborative environment.

“SCM Innovation Awards” have been given since 2014 to the stakeholders of the Biotech industry – Manufacturers, Service and Material Providers, Technology Enablers, Academia, Management Consultants, Trade Associations and Governmental Regulators, in order to recognize exemplary contribution towards advancing the Global Supply Chain. The coveted award recipients were Illumina and CargoSense in 2016, Genentech and Fisher Clinical Services in 2015, and Bayer HealthCare’s Biotech Supply Chain in 2014. Nominations for the award require the submission of a 300-word Case Study to include the nature of the innovation that enhanced the supply chain; objective(s) of the endeavor; strategies and tactics adopted; benefits realized and costs incurred; human, technology and organizational resources deployed; and, governmental compliance requirements met, if applicable. Winners are selected by a prestigious panel of judges and honored at BSMA’s Annual Conference.

The citations for the award reaffirmed the theme of the conference, "Driving Innovation and Technology in the Bio-pharma Supply Chain" .

This year's awards were presented to Kite Pharma (Manufacturers) and Envirotainer (Service & Material Providers).
Accepting the SCM Innovation Award from BSMA's Devendra Mishra (Executive Director & Co-Founder) for Kite Pharma is Tim Moore (Executive Vice President, Technical Operations) .

Kite Pharma , a clinical-stage qqbiopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of novel cancer immunotherapy products.  received the drug manufacturer award for “building a unique, personalized supply chain to support the development of novel cancer immunotherapy products with a primary focus on engineered autologous  T cell  therapy designed to restore the immune system's ability to recognize and eradicate tumors. The enterprise thrives on promoting collaboration with life science partners who provide solutions for design, development, and manufacturing of gene-modified cells. KITE management has integration the supply chain from target discovery to GMP scale-up of the final cellular product where its molecular tools, analytical instruments, and manufacturing process solutions offer complete support for development of safe, effective, and scalable cellular therapeutics.”
Accepting the SCM Innovation Award from BSMA's Devendra Mishra for Envirotainer is Doug Wettergren (Global Key Account Manager).

Envirotainer , a global leader providing secure cold chain solutions for 30 years in the bio-pharma industry, was recognized for the “Establishment of the Online Cold Chain Academy to provide free education to all the stakeholders of the bio-pharma industry consisting of the Forwarders, Carriers, GHAs and Manufacturers. In addition, Envirotainer continues to extensively advocate Good Distribution Practices and recognizes that cold chain is as much about people as it is about technology. Since its launch there are now over 13,500 learners and 270 companies using the academy to train their staff in 7 languages around the world.”
The Bio Supply Management Alliance, which organizes the Conference, was born of the need to create a worldwide community of operations and supply chain management leaders and professionals in the biotech, biopharma, and biomedical device industries. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, home to more than 400 bio firms, the Alliance provides a forum for collaboration, learning and best practice sharing of practitioners, executives and thought leaders in these uniquely demanding industries.
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