Global Supply Chain Professionals of Life Sciences Address India's Global Competitiveness,
Hyderabad, February 23, 2018
Hyderabad, February 23, 2018 : Executives, entrepreneurs and educationists from over 100 companies and institutions joined the Summit of supply chain management professionals organized by BSMA in collaboration with FABA at the BioAsia Conference on February 23 rd in Hyderabad. The conference titled, “Building the Global SCM Community for the Bio-pharma Industry in India” , addressed the challenges of supply chain management in Life Sciences for India to be increasingly competitive globally.
Devendra Mishra , the Co-Founder and Executive Director of BSMA , welcomed the delegates by announcing, “BSMA is building a global community of supply chain management professionals of the Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices industries where the current experts in USA and Europe will collaborate with their counterparts in India for an end-to-end view of the Life Sciences industry in terms of best business processes, technologies and Governmental regulations. Our platform, driven by the spirit of collaboration, will enable exchange of knowledge and experience in the areas of Clinical Trials, Commercialization, Manufacturing, Logistics and Patient Care. By recognizing that a supply chain is only as strong as the weakest link, we will accelerate India’s emergence as a leading destination for clinical trials, contract research, manufacturing and bioinformatics.”

Franck Toussaint , Executive Director of BSMA Europe , observed, “Supply chain related topics have become of an extreme importance for Life Sciences organizations as globalization, complexification of products, costs pressure and other elements are requiring excellence in processes more than ever. To meet our promise of delivering healthcare for all, we must push forward innovation and collaboration in this industry. Our global vision is supported by a large participation of top 15 biopharma companies as well as numerous industry stakeholders and service providers at this inaugural conference.”

Mr. Ashok Srivastava , former Vice president of P&G Manufacturing , was recognized as the Head of BSMA India .
An industry panel of eminent experts – Dr. Damodar Acharya (Former Director, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur ), Lakshminarayana Neti (COO, Biological E ), Mahesh Bhalgat (COO, Shantha Sanofi ), Rajiv Nath (Forum Coordinator, Association of Indian Medical Device Industry ), and Ravi Prakash Mathur (Global Head of Supply Chain, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories ) provided a critical 360° perspective of challenges of Cold Chain Network, Skill Development for operational support, Visibility and Monitoring in the supply chain, QA from end to end, Last Mile Delivery and Logistics Capacity constraints. It was recognized that building the supply chain infrastructure, adopting progressive governmental policies and adopting disruptive technologies was necessary for India to achieve a $10-trillion economy in 2030 from its 2016 level of $2.26 trillion, and become the third-largest economy in the world. 
Dr. Harish Iyer , Senior Advisor, Scientific Programs, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation India , delivered a comprehensive message, “Enabling innovation and Partnerships in Life Sciences to Improve Health for All” . He was enlightening in terms of the Foundation’s strategy to leverage R&D for new products and make investments in Life Science Partnerships with government, public sectors, academia, and other institutions.
Dr. Surendra Deodhar , Vice President and Head - Materials Management, Reliance Life Sciences , delivered thought provoking suggestions for "Integrating Planning, Purchasing and Inventory Management for Optimal Patient Care” . He provided the unique benefits of an integrated approach adopted in the business of plasma proteins, biosimilars, pharmaceuticals and CRO services.
An international panel discussed the task of “Optimizing Packaging and Transportation and Securing the Best-in-Class Ocean and Airfreight for Biologicals and Pharmaceuticals from India” and suggested initiatives for the future. Devdip Purkayastha , Adjunct Professor- Entrepreneurship at IIT-Mumbai and Former Vice President, Strategic Business Development, DHL ), moderated the eminent executives, namely Alex Guillen (Former Global Cold Chain Director, Fisher Clinical Services ), Babettes Desfosse (Customs Attaché at the Embassy of Belgium in India), Kiran Gubba (CEO, Gubba Cold Storage ), and Chakravarthi AVPS (CEO, Managing Director, Ecobliss ).

Biocon’s General Manager of Global Sourcing, Chandra Deep Verma , provided comprehensive insights about overcoming the Achilles Heel in the Asian supply chain by “Ensuring Product Quality and integrity in the Emerging Cold Chain Network” .

Benjamin Damien (Director of Business Operations, Univercells ) and Uday Ulhe (Sales Manager, SE Asia, Univercells ) presented a game-changing innovation of significantly reduced-sized manufacturing facilities to enable the economic expansion of capacity with quality and reliability.

Dr. Mahesh Bhalgat , COO of Shantha Sanofi , moderated a panel addressing the emerging world of “Personalized Medicine” . Innovations were discussed by Alex Guillen (Firmer Global Cold Chain Director of Fisher Clinical Services ), Franck Toussaint (CEO, Biolog Europe ) and Vishal Gandhi (Founder and CEO of BioRx ) which harness a patient’s own immune system to target and kill cancer cells was discussed.

F ranck Toussaint (CEO, Biolog Europe ), in his speech, “Brexit – Trials and Tribulations for the Life Sciences Supply Chain Industry”, pointed out, “There are 800 Indian companies that employ 110.000 workers in UK, among which 24% are in the biopharma industry. Brexit is only one year away and impact might be on various aspects – new customs barriers and trade, lead time increase, R&D to stop to access to EU funding, movements of non-EU/non-UK staff, and availability of resource. Organizations have to rethink their supply chain in terms of their markets for sourcing, manufacturing and distribution. Building strong contingency plans, in case of no deal or hard Brexit, is of extreme importance for international organizations.”

The conference was wrapped by Eric Stener, Vice President of Global Supply Chain at Sanofi , who provided the most detailed methodology with specifications to achieve “Transportation Qualification in Compliance with International Standards” for temperature-sensitive products.                  
A glimpse of BSMA at BioAsia
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