Question: "What happens when a minister moves to a new town and is BLOWN AWAY by the incredible people who make up the church & community?"

Answer: That minister creates a podcast to share with others the amazing and often inspiring life stories he's heard.

Welcome to Babbling Bohemian!

* * * * * * * *
The Community Church Podcast Babbling Bohemian is your opportunity to eavesdrop on conversations Zach Hancock has with people who make up the Community Church and the greater community. Zach was inspired to produce a podcast after making the rounds of a minister to his congregation and being blown away by so many incredible people and their stories. This podcast is about sharing these remarkable people with all of you! 

To access Babbling Bohemian 
  1. go to the Community Church website HERE
  2. click on PODCAST
  3. select an interview OR download the application Podcasts (purple icon) and search for Babbling Bohemian.
  4. The very best way to listen to Babbling Bohemian is on a smart phone that links with your car’s audio and can go with you wherever you go! 
Thanks to Zach for creating "Babbling Bohemian"
& to engineer Elliott Delman! Check it out today -
and please tell your friends! By the way, this glorious picture is the first
"Babbling Bohemian" interviewee - do you know who she is?