The Tipping Point...
In all my lifetime up to this point in time, I have never felt quite so convinced that we are in a situation where if people don’t wake up to what is happening around them, we could be totally screwed.

And for an optimist like myself to say that, it’s really saying a lot.
We seem to be surrounded by sleepwalkers. Every time I go to the supermarket only to find that I am the only one not wearing a mask, not signing in and not filled with fear of getting too close to other people, I despair.

But then, I get out into the community and meet with others who are on the same page - and there are plenty of us - and find that things aren’t quite as black as they’d seemed before.

Last Sunday, a group of 5-6 thousand of us got together on the NSW - QLD border to protest against the new and totally illegal requirement that everyone entering QLD who is an essential worker (because nobody else is allowed in - again, both illegal and unconstitutional) must be jabbed with the experimental COVID genetic modification device. Without any planning, this event came together uniting people who had decided they’d had more than enough of restrictions, government overreach and tyranny. Together, we braved checkpoints, 5km radii and other arbitrary rules to declare our independence over government tyrants. It was a beautiful day where even the police seemed ashamed of having to follow orders they obviously did not agree with.

In fact, the outcome was so positive, it has been decided that this event will be held every Sunday at noon until the border restrictions are lifted. Please see and share the flyer below. Let’s see if we can get 15,000 people there this weekend! Are you listening, Gladys and Annastacia? If not, we will just keep shouting louder and stronger until you are no longer able to ignore us!
In other news, Australia’s truck drivers are completely over it! They are planning to blockade the highways and borders and potentially the ports of entry across the entire country. They have given us warning though the actual date when this will happen is unknown but as they have advised, if at all possible, it will be good to have 2-3 weeks’ worth of food and water
and if your neighbours have not been able to prepare for the shutdown (which will interrupt the supply chain), then sharing what you have would be a blessing.

It appears that the truckies may be joined by construction workers, ambulance drivers, motorbike riders and a host of other workers from different trades across Australia. Some nurses, carers and even doctors may join in the protest! If you are near one of the blockades when this action starts and are able to help out by bringing food, water and perhaps paying for port-a-potty facilities, that would be great. Let’s support these brave men and women whose actions have the capability of bringing the government to its needs in a matter of days or weeks.

As always, direct action and all of us working together for a common cause of freedom and informed choice will win the day. As hard as it sometimes is to see the hope when we are surrounded by political leaders who seem intent on making us all feel hopeless, we are not alone and there are so many more of us than there are of them!

As you read through today’s newsletter, please make sure you put your hand up for any of the actions which you are able to help with and if you want to add your contact details to our volunteers list as well, here is where you can do so. 

I hope to see many of you at the QLD border on Sunday and here’s to the day - coming very soon - when those in government who have tried to imprison us in our homes, destroy our businesses and neighbourhoods and force us to take dangerous and ineffective medical procedures will pay the price for their crimes.

Yours in health and solidarity,

Meryl Dorey
AVN President
Can you help to gather contacts in your area?

Over the last 3 months, as part of a nationwide awareness campaign, approximately 500 Concerned Lawyers Network (CLN) letters have been sent out to individual lawyers across parts of Australia, and approximately 2000 flyers, have been hand delivered into letterboxes across parts of the Northern Rivers.

The initial aim was to encourage lawyers who have a genuine heart for helping people whose human rights are being breached to join the CLN and provide them with a plethora of information they may not have already been aware of. After a short time, the need to get flyers into local communities for greater public awareness evolved into the development of the CLN flyer.

If anyone would like to be a part of this process in a practical way, (no money required), only a bit of your time to gather lawyers and doctors names and addresses from your local area, it would be greatly appreciated. Please email the information you have found regarding these contacts to Anne Curtis.Together, we can do the same process for the Covid Medical Network's Open Letter to All Doctors and All Australians, and move this campaign of awareness for both incredibly important causes, up a few notches!
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