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october 2016
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Achieving Brilliant, Radiant, Brighter Skin!
Skin Diseases - Lessons From The Past
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Achieving Brilliant, Radiant, Brighter Skin!
As our facial skin ages, it loses more and more of its ability to reflect light. Subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) pigmentations progressively accumulate in both the superficial and deeper layers of the facial skin making it actually look slightly darker. Years of sun damage and weathering also tends to give the facial skin a darker hue. Simultaneously, the sun and the elements add some wrinkles and lines that absorb more light than they reflect, unlike the smoother skin we had when we were younger. The collagen content of the face begins to diminish, and so does the subcutaneous fat content. Read more...

Skin Diseases - Lessons From The Past
Did you know that the ancient Greeks and Romans had problems with psoriasis and many other skin conditions?  Historical records and examinations of mummies are turning up evidence of some familiar skin conditions in ancient and prehistoric people like dandruff, lice, eczema and skin cancer. Even tattoos, dyed hair and signs of skin bleaching are appearing in the preserved bodies of humans who lived thousands of years ago.  Read more...
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