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april 2016
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Do You Need Microdermabrasion?
How To Prevent Acne Breakouts
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Do You Need Microdermabrasion?
Microdermabrasion was introduced about 25 years ago and has been a phenomenal success ever since. Microdermabrasion is probably one of the greatest advances in the history of cosmetic skin care to date and that's including all of the "fancy lasers" you see promoted all the time. Read more...

How To Prevent Acne Breakouts During Your Next Workout
Are you sick and tired of breaking out after your workout?  Do your friends judge your level of gym activity by the size of the red bumps forming on your forehead?  Read more...
Did You Know?
Did you know that for as little as $25 a month you could have weekly treatments with us such as Strawberry Laser Lipo or Microneedling Skin Rejuvenation?
Call us - 856-MAKEOVER - to find out how!!!
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Lyle M. Back, M.D. and the staff of
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