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April, 2015
Mitsubishi Electric's iQ-F Series Compact Controllers

The iQ-F Series compact controller and GX Works3 programming software are now available. The iQ-F is built upon the legacy of the FX family with which many of you are so familiar. With features such as deterministic networking, synchronized motion control, and intuitive programming, it is truly a unique offering in the compact controller space. Read More

IAI's Cost-Effective SCARA Robot Pulse Motor Type IXP Series

All IXP models come standard with battery-less absolute encoders that does not require batteries. Since battery replacement is no longer necessary, maintenance man-hours are reduced. 



Collet-Lok?: A Better Way for Hydraulic Workholding.

Enerpac recently 

upgraded announced their 

Collet-Lok? family of hydraulic workholding with a new descriptive name: Depressurized Holding Technology?".  Collet-Lok? is a unique family of hydraulic workholding product that protects against unintentional loss of clamping, because no hydraulics are required to maintain clamping force.    READ MORE


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