August 2020 Edition
Marketing Tips to Stay on Target
What are the "Big" companies doing?

The best-laid marketing plans come from money, data, and experience. So, what do you do if you don't have one or any of these? You take some time to research what those who do have all three are doing and modify.
Most of us do not have McDonald's advertising budget, a marketing research department or have been selling burgers since April 15, 1955. But we can follow in their lead.

First, find some large companies in your industry with more marketing resources than you and research how and where they market and, most importantly, when they are marketing. You can have the best bait, the fastest boat, and the hottest spot, but if you are fishing when the fish are asleep, you will starve!

Once you know where they are advertising, start tracking them on a calendar. Each year you may or may not see a pattern, which you can replicate. Or in crazy times like we are now, read marketing associations and trade publications and see what the "Big" companies are doing.

To save you a little time, I just read this week that Jaguar Range Rover, Unilever, and Coke are coming off their no/ slow ad hiatus and ramping their ad spend back up. While McDonald's will open its Marketing War Chest and unleash an extra $200-million for the rest of the year. WOW!

So, go out and "Borrow" this information from your "Big" competitors and companies you admire, then modify their marketing plan for your company's success! Or call us and we can help you out! :-)

Stay Safe, don't touch your face, and keep washing those hands!

~ Allen Jernigan, CEO
My Marketing Department, Inc
August 2020

AUG 8: Int’l Cat Day
AUG 13: Int’l Left-handers Day
AUG 19: Nat’l Aviation & World Humanitarian Day
AUG 26: National Dog Day
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