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May 15, 2014

In Partnership with the Self-Employed and Small Business Community...


At the Top of Your Game  


There is an excitement that occurs when you do your job well and others benefit from that.  The National Business Association has a legacy of helping the small business owner succeed.


We have been here for over thirty years.


From our ageless First Step software that allows you to gauge whether you likely qualify for SBA loans, to Association Group health insurance plans, we stay at the forefront of efforts to build your business. You are the risk taker, the one who moves beyond the security of Corporate America to stand on your own. You are the dreamer who carries the Nation forward.


The NBA is adding a new thrust to our efforts. We will attempt to make practical suggestions to enhance your health, energy and fitness. Working as you do, there
is little time to tend to your health. We will focus on simple, practical ideas that will benefit your business by strengthening your health.


With this edition, we introduce a fitness and health expert who has written an article for the busy working person. Robert Selders is a nationally prominent expert and small business owner himself. He is a graduate of MIT with a down-to-earth, pragmatic approach and a conversational writing style.  He is the ideal combination of engineer and teacher who will write each month in the Newsletter. His articles will be then made available on our website, nationalbusiness.org  It pleases us to begin this new and vital effort to enhance your energy and good health.  Let us know what you think. 

Healthier You = Healthier Bottom Line  


As self-employed or small business owners, we're focused on the quality of our products and services; and the health of our bottom line.  We, along with our valued employees, work long hours, oftentimes performing multiple functions to keep our business in the black, and out of the red.  But what are we all doing to keep our personal health and fitness out of the red?  Finding the time, energy, and motivation to exercise and eat right can be a challenge when you're working to build a successful enterprise.  And let's face it, with so much on our plates, personal fitness just isn't a very high priority for many entrepreneurs or their team members.


But it should be - and research proves it. People who exercise on a regular basis enjoy a wealth of benefits: better productivity, increased mental acuity, more energy, and higher levels of confidence. They're less sick, suffer from less stress, are able to work longer hours more effectively...read more....  

Don't Get Caught in the Catalog Crossfire 


Avoiding Postage Missiles for Catalogers


Many major catalogers have taken a direct hit in the last month due to the increase of postage costs and regulations. Not surprisingly, this subject was the key discussion topic at the Annual Conference for Catalog and Multichannel Merchants, which took place in Boston a few weeks ago.


While it has been speculated that the increase will be as grand as forty percent for some catalogers, the actuality of the increase came as a bit of a shock to many who depend on their catalogs for their business' livelihoods. In order to nurse as many postage war wounds before they happen as I can, I'm going to let the cataloging success secret out of the bag.



Member Spotlight - Please join us in Congratulating

Devan Collins - 2014 NBA Scholarship Winner  


 "I can't believe that graduation is already over. It is not only exciting but bitter and sweet. I am ready to start another chapter in my life, and I would like to thank the National Business Association for the scholarship I received to help further my education.


The National Business Association is proud to announce its prestigious 2014 NBA Scholarship award to Devan Collins from Lyons, Nebraska.   Please join the NBA, Devan's family and friends in congratulating Devan and wishing him the best as he pursues his education at Wayne State College.


The philosophy of the NBA Scholarship Program differs from traditional scholarship programs in that NBA Scholarships are awarded to students who possess academic credentials in the average to above-average range.



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At the Top of Your Game
Healthier You = Healthier Bottom Line



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