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June, 2014

In Partnership with the Self-Employed and Small Business Community...


Wind Beneath Their Wings 


"Wind beneath their wings" colorfully and aptly describes the National Business Association's support of small business owners and their employees.  Founded over 30 years ago, the NBA exists to ensure success for the independent business person who is building a business. From our ageless " First Step" software that allows you to gauge whether you likely qualify for SBA loans, to Association Group Health plans, we stay at the forefront of efforts to build our members' businesses.


Our members are the risk takers, the ones who have moved beyond the security of Corporate America to stand on their own. They are the dreamers who carry our Nation forward.


Now the NBA is pleased to support the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS �program.  Dr. Terry Neese, Founder and CEO of the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women began the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS �program in 2006 to help educate women business owners in Rwanda and Afghanistan.  After a 10-week business course in their respective countries each spring, 15 women from each country are invited to the U.S. for further leadership development training.  To date, over 400 women have graduated from the program and 80% are still in business today. read more.... 

Breathing Reduces Stress, Improves Productivity


Breathing is essential to living. Yet most of us rarely pay attention to how we breathe, and how our breathing affects our health. That's especially true of small business owners and their employees who are focused on day-to-day operations rather than second-by-second breaths. If you run a small business, there are plenty of compelling reasons to practice better breathing techniques for yourself and for the people who work for you.


Simply put, better breathing promotes better health. Research has shown that adopting healthy breathing patterns can help strengthen your immune system, which in turn helps you fight off colds and other ailments that lead to sick days and lost productivity. Proper breathing techniques have also been shown to help relieve tension, stress, and anxiety that can have a negative effect on mental as well as physical health...

To Retire or Not Retire 


That's a question that stresses and confounds a large part of our population. The "Greatest Generation", was a group of savers. Maybe because of their experiences with the Great Depression, or tough times during World War II, but for whatever reason, this generation clipped coupons, watered down spaghetti sauce, and treated eating out as a rare privilege.


Today however it has become too easy to spend money. Auto dealers make it very difficult to resist those bright shiny new cars.


Electronic stores have ads that persuade people to go ahead and get that 70" TV because you won't have any payments till next year. College kids are issued credit cards even though they have no way to pay the bill. So when the bill comes in because someone bought tacos for their college buddies with their newly acquired credit card, the responsibility to pay usually gets passed on to their parents...



Member Spotlight - Linc Rydell Photograpy  


Linc Rydell Photograpy offers professional photography and related services for weddings and other specials moments. It has been our pleasure to provide unique and personalized care to our valued clients for 18 years. Working with natural light and the beauty of Kauai, Linc Rydell captures the essence of life's passage through color and black and white digital imagery.


Utilizing the backdrop of the islands' spectacular scenery, we have been able to fill our CDs, DVDs and wedding albums with precious and lasting memories.


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Wind Beneath Their Wings
Breathing Reduces Stress, Improves Productivity



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