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Support Black British Civil Rights

Eric and Jessica Huntley fought for equality from the 1950s to the 2000s. They initiated and participated in numerous movements to better the social conditions of working class people. It is thanks to their brand of activism that Black children are no longer declared “educationally subnormal” and sent to “special schools”. Stop and search tactics and multiple forms of institutional racism persist in our communities, but the Huntleys helped organise campaigns against the 1980s SUS laws that targeted Black boys and men. This Nubian Jak Memorial Plaque is a timely recognition of the contributions made by the Huntley's to Black British Civil Rights for more than 50 years. The unveiling of the Plaque will take place on Saturday 13th October 2018, in Ealing. This date marks five years since the passing of Jessica Huntley. We've raised two grand so far and need another two grand to reach our goal.
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Black Journalist, White Media, British Civil rights:
The amazing Alex Pascall.
Friday 11th May 6.30pm

Representation of Black people in media has been contested by Civil Rights activists in Britain as well as the USA. It was and is vital that African/Caribbean people are able to represent and tell their own stories. This hard fought struggle is routinely ignored by mainstream historians. 

Through a conversation with pioneering journalist/broadcaster Alex Pascall OBE (the presenter/producer of the first daily BBC radio magazine show on Black current affairs), whose career covers over 50 years of activism, we will cover a range of subjects.

Alex Pascall was the first to interview and broadcast stories told by some of the men who came to Britain on the SS Empire Windrush about their experiences in 1948. During his radio show he met Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Grace Jones, James Baldwin, CLR James, Tony Benn, Miriam Mekeba and many more. His talk will cover:

  • Fights for equality in media, education and policing
  • The establishment of the Voice, Britain's only national Black newspaper, and its impact
  • How he introduced steel bands into Italian restaurants!
  • The importance of controlling your own narrative in media and the role of independent publishing.

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St Paul's/Bank Black History Walk
Saturday 5th May 1pm

In 140 minutes your guide will take you through hundreds of years of the African presence and contribution to London’s way of life. Discover secret alleyways and enormous buildings all connected to Africa and the Caribbean in ways which the owners do not want you to know. Find out about Black loyalists and African revolutionaries. Uncover the submerged links between racism, trade, religion, Africa and politics, which are still evident in the very streets and buildings of the oldest part of London. This walk features:
  • Ancient African architecture
  • African influence on European romance
  • British wealth, African resources
  • Secret societies, world economics and the church
  • African Female Resistance leaders
  • Black freedom fighters in 1700's London
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Trafalgar Square Black History Walk
Saturday 12th May 11am

Millions of people walk through Trafalgar Square every day, yet they have no idea of the centuries of African history under their feet and in front of their eyes. In two hours your guide will expose the links between Africa, India and the Caribbean and explain how history was whitewashed and racism institutionalised. This walk features:

  • African Kings and Queen Victoria
  • Black Resistance leaders of the 1860s
  • Mandela; Apartheid, Tesco's and Kit Kat
  • Australia, Canada, Britain and the planned mis-education of indigenous people
  • The Will Smith of 1800s Europe
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Zombies and the Demonisation of African Spirituality. Nzingha lecture 36
Thursday 17th May 6.30pm

Zombies are popular in Western film and TV, but their roots in a perversion of Caribbean and African spirituality are routinely ignored. In addition, the zombie itself is often used as a metaphor for current racial and political situations. In this interactive presentation we will cover:

  • Demonisation of African spirituality, how, why and by whom
  • The Haitian revolution's secret weapon
  • African civilisation and spiritual systems pre-European invasion
  • Religion as suppression/liberation
  • Political messages in horror movies and TV shows 1932 to 2018
  • 'Night of the Living Dead' to the 'Walking Dead'
This presentation will be delivered by Dr Michelle Asantewa.

About the Nzingha lecture series: Queen Nzinga was an African Queen who fought against the European invasion of southern Africa (Congo/Angola). The Queen Nzinga lecture series feature African female academics / holders of expert knowledge, speaking on topics of their choice.
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Millions have seen Black Panther but not realised the film references real African history. In this interactive audio-visual presentation we will use photos, art and trailers from the movie alongside quotes and interviews from the director, actors and writers. For each fact revealed, we will list at least one book/DVD which illustrates the actual black history shown in the film . We will also show which local and international museums you can find the evidence in. We will cover:

  • African female soldiers: ancient and modern
  • Black female generals and Africa's real vibranium
  • Black female inventors and their inventions
  • The Black Panther Party in Brixton and Notting Hill
  • 5 revolutionary African leaders
  • 5 Ancient African writing systems that are NOT Egyptian hieroglyphs
  • Dress, design and architecture of west, east and south Africa
  • African spiritual systems pre -European invasion with real African Goddesses
  • The real Wakanda and the IMF/World Bank
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Raoul Peck Oscar nominated director of 'I am not your Negro' presents:

The Young Karl Marx plus Q&A
Saturday 12 May 2pm @bfisouthbank

The writings of Marx influenced generations of Black freedom fighters, revolutionaries and liberation movements; from South Africa to Peru, from Paul Robeson to Claudia Jones and Patrice Lumumba. This new film from Haitian director Raoul Peck took ten years to make. It shows the roots of Marx and Engels philosophy illustrating the struggle of the working classes against capitalism, exploitation and empire from past to present day.

Followed by Q&A with Professor Hakim Adi (University of Chichester), Dr Adam Elliot-Cooper (King’s College London), and chaired by Professor Patricia Daley (Jesus College, Oxford) . This event takes place in the 450 seat main screen, but we expect it to sell out so please don't delay booking !

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An African Odysseys event
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