Nouveau Tavern


I am writing to express my outrage that the City of Chicago has the "freedom" to destroy Black Businesses in the city.  I NEED YOUR HELP! 


Now it's time for the City of Chicago to get its act together. Today is the day that we get our City's leaders to recognize that there is a huge disparity in African American owned businesses in the downtown area. Black owned businesses have been systematically displaced from the downtown area and disenfranchised from tourism dollars that flow throughout Chicago. The City, under direct influence from the 42nd Ward Alderman Brendan Riley, targeted Nouveau Tavern, an African American owned establishment. The City used a little known ordinance called the "Drug & Gang House Nuisance Ordinance" to attack and destroy Nouveau Tavern, even though there were never any Drugs or Gangs involved. The City used this law to selectively target one of the few African American establishments in the area. The case is currently being heard in Housing Court.


Targeting someone based on their race, sexual orientation or gender identity isn't freedom--it's discrimination.


City of Chicago, equality-minded Americans will no longer tolerate outdated, discriminatory views from our elected officials. I stand with more than a million supporters who are fighting for civil rights. This message is a reminder that we will not back down.

Send a message to the City of Chicago that we will not stand for discrimination against businesses. Sign our petition below.

About Us

Nouveau Tavern is a hip new concept featuring New Orleans- and Southern-style cuisine. Our menu will be fresh, innovative and tuned into the latest in contemporary American cooking. We put a premium on competent and highly hospitable service and our space offers various seating options to suit your mood. Whether dining with a date, having a girl's night out, or an important business engagement, we are committed to providing a genuine welcome and a fun experience for our guests.



358 W. Ontario/Orleans

Chicago, IL 60654