"No matter how big a nation is, it is no stronger than its weakest people, and as long as you keep a person down, some part of you has to be down there to hold him down, so it means you cannot soar as you might otherwise."-Marian Anderson
Only one-in-three African Americans who need mental health care receives it.

As a community resource, we are committed to using our voices to support those who are not heard. The long and painful history that led up to the past week is impossible to ignore. Recent events are causing the nation to cry out for change, and we hear them. Our Clubhouse has always embraced acceptance, equality, and the rights of every person to live without prejudice, stigma, or stereotype. We will continue to uphold what is right and be a safe space for everyone.

These events are frustrating beyond words. It is vital to our cause to envision a new way of justice. We want a world where Black and Brown bodies can live safe and fair lives.

We stand with the communities who are grieving through these injustices. We stand with everyone acting to create change. We stand with everyone learning to dismantle racism. We stand with everyone who has experienced trauma in their lives due to our country’s painful past. You are important. We hope you stand with us.

In peace and justice,
California Clubhouse Community

* The above statement was written by California Clubhouse members and staff through a process of community conversations. It is unedited by administration to allow the collective voice of our community to be heard.
Putting Our Words Into ACTION
California Clubhouse is a community of recovery, hope and dignity, empowering people who live with mental illness through work, friendship, resources, support, and an overarching ethic that focuses on building strengths rather than managing illness.

We know that systemic change does not occur in a vacuum nor by being an idle, passive observer or recipient of service. Real change takes effort, extensive time, and hard work.

The California Clubhouse board, administration, staff and members are committing to the following actions to implement internal organizational change that can create a ripple effect of change in our greater community. Here are the initial steps we are taking:

  • Our members and staff have created a Social Justice Collaboration within the Clubhouse community to implement programming that incorporates both external and internal community participation in social justice activities starting with Black Lives Matter.
  • The Board of Directors, working with Administration is developing a Call To Action Plan that will include extensive evaluation of every facet of our organization to identify disparities in service delivery, employment, recruitment, community engagement, policies and procedures, etc. We are committed to pulling back the curtains on every aspect of our organization. Following the initial evaluation, we will begin implementing steps of change to ensure Equitability for all. The Call To Action plan will have a standing agenda place in future board meetings and will be part of our regular Clubhouse programming. It takes a community to make real change!
  • To answer the call of Black Lives Matter, we are prioritizing addressing disparities of access and engagement of black lives served by the Clubhouse.
  • We are educating ourselves and our community. Just as we do everyday to break the stigma associated with mental health, we will be breaking the stigma and begin chipping away at systemic racism through open and supportive dialogue, education, and participation in peaceful vigils, protests, and local community events. We will join our voices in solidarity to breakdown disparity! Black Lives Matter today, so that some day we may achieve a world where all lives matter.

We know that these are only the beginning steps we will take as an organization, and that the road ahead will be exhausting and at times, very difficult; but it is our responsibility to be part of the solution and no longer accept a world built on systemic racism and inequality. We can do better. We will do better.

We invite you to join us this afternoon at as we honor Juneteenth with a film screening and discussion of Raoul Peck's, I Am Not Your Negro, n ominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary.

What: Film Screening, I Am Not Your Negro
When: June 19, 2020 4-6pm
To view the film and join the conversation at 4pm, please click the following link:
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