June 2017
Will the California Single-payer Initiative Solve the Cost of Health Care Problem?

Would Patients Get a 'Blank Check' for Health Care?
By: Chad Terhune, Kaiser Health News

Three of the dirtiest words in health care are "fee for service."

For years, U.S. officials have sought to move Medicare away from paying doctors and hospitals for each task they perform, a costly approach that rewards the quantity of care over quality. State Medicaid programs and private insurers are pursuing similar changes. (Read more...)

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Drug Company CEO Breaks the 
Code of Silence on Drug Pricing!

When it comes to drug prices, not all CEO's agree on why prices keep going up. Regeneron CEO, Leonard Schleifer explained his thoughts at Boston College.  Read more...

Hacker Updates
"Anatomy of an Attack"

Ransomware hackers claim they just have a job to do. Their job is to infect your computer, hold your data hostage, collect their money and watch as your company's reputation and stock go down the drain. Hear directly from a hacker as she explains the process.

Phishing in New York
Hackers in New York state are phishing residents with claims of unpaid traffic violations. This scam could soon be replicated in other states, so be aware.

The NY DMV alerted motorists that the scam is just bait to entice them to click on a "payment" link that will in turn infect their workstation with malware. The malware worked two ways. The first placed a tracking tool on the victim's computer to see what websites were visited; and the second attempted to obtain several pieces of information, including names, Social Security numbers, date of birth and credit card information.

Remember that citations are never emailed with links in them, or sent out with an email attachment, and report scams like this to your local police department. (Source: KnowB4, Inc.)

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