Today we have a truly great Chardonnay to offer. Even better, it's a Burgundy and at a reasonable price! The producer knows that great wine starts with the perfect grape. By perfect, I am referring to the balance between sugar and acidity. Too little acidity, and the grape will produce flabby, unstructured wine with no aging potential. Too much will cause the juice to taste tart or sour. Chartron & Trebuchet's vineyard manager taste and test the grapes religiously to find the optimal picking point for their fruit. 
The juice is a beautiful light gold with hints of green. It boasts a  floral nose with hints of hazelnut and stone. Lush and fresh on the palate thanks to only 50 percent of the wine seeing oak. The finish is smooth and creamy due to the malolactic fermentation. All in all,this is a beautifully round and structured wine that's fresh and lively on the palate. It will pair great with cream based dishes, fish, pork, or chicken. Drink now or over the next 2 to 3 years.    
 Remember, we will store your wine all summer or winter long if needed, free of charge when it is too cold or hot to ship in your area, our area, or anywhere in between!
We also offer, for a small fee, HEATING PACKS to all states & COOLING PACKS to most states on the checkout page to allow shipping at anytime.

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