Society of St. Vincent de Paul Omaha      November 2022 Newsletter

Supporting our neighbors in need through spirituality, friendship and service;

providing emergency food, clothing, financial and in-kind assistance, since 1868

“My only desire is that God may give us the spirit of profound gratitude for so many benefits bestowed on us.”

                             -St. Vincent de Paul

Acting out of gratitude for God’s love and care for us gives us the assurance that we can share God’s overwhelming abundance with others. Acting out of concern for our own livelihood creates a feeling of scarcity and self-preservation which inhibits our freedom to care for others first. God’s abundant care upholds everything the Society does. I expect you will see in this newsletter the effects of that Spirit that invites us all to embrace each other and our challenges. Pray for us. Join us in any way that suits you.

           - Marty Smith, Executive Director


Giving Tuesday - November 29th

Keep an eye out for donation information regarding this international day of giving (the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving), powered by SHARE Omaha!


Helpline Requests Increasing

Over the past year, a group of Volunteer Vincentians from across the Archdiocese have been working diligently on improving the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Omaha’s ability to receive, and respond to requests for assistance. While the group’s initial focus was to ensure that there were no “gaps” in the Society’s network of service, the goal has expanded to explore existing, additional community resources that could be available to serve our neighbors in need.

We are very blessed with your financial generosity, and realize too that money alone is never the answer. As you’ll see, we have “been discovered”, making simply financial solutions more difficult because of the increase in calls for help.  Since May of this year, unique inquiries to the Society through the Helpline have been:

May – 214 calls

June – 352 calls

July – 563 calls

August – 798 calls

September – 982 calls

October – 1,302 calls

We will keep you updated with our efforts as we become more engaged in an ongoing way with those who call. Companioning them as they work to resolve the problems that prompted them to call the helpline in the first place is our next frontier. Pray that we continue to discern our role beyond initial help to support their efforts to sustain themselves and their families.

The SSVP's Helpline phone number is 402-346-5445 and the email address is




8:00am - 1:00pm

New location:

Omaha Home for Boys

4343 North 52nd Street

It Could Happen to Anyone – It Happened to Connie

But, for the Grace of God go I” is a thought that crosses the minds of so many Society of St. Vincent de Paul volunteers, as they speak with, and provide friendship and assistance to our neighbors in need. With many individuals and families from right here in our own community living “paycheck to paycheck”, even the slightest life setback can be enough to cause financial calamity, and even homelessness.


An SSVP volunteer recently shared one such story of a neighbor in need – Connie, pictured – whose life was nearly turned upside down…simply because her car broke down. Connie’s story, while unique to her, is indicative of the small margin of (financial) error that the people we serve live with, as they struggle to provide for their own most basic needs of food, clothing and housing.


In Connie’s own words:


“I recently came across a round of bad luck, which really had me spiraling. I’m always on a tight budget as it is, but on my way home from work a number of days ago, my car broke down. I had to have the car towed and, thankfully, my insurance covered that cost. However, after getting home, I started trying to figure out how I was going to pay for the sizeable car repair.


As I was already behind on paying my rent, I realized that I desperately needed to somehow earn extra money to pay my bills, which were really starting to pile up, as well as to figure out how to get to and from work. Although my boss was helpful for a ride in the short term, I couldn’t find any long-term solutions. After more than a week of not finding any real solutions to my problems, I came to the realization that I was: 1) carless; 2) nearly jobless; and 3) on the verge of becoming homeless. I truly needed help from someone, somewhere.


Not having any clue as to where to turn, I searched the internet for any local assistance to help with transportation…or with anything else. I was really, really down in the dumps, as I honestly saw no way of turning it around in time to prevent me from losing everything and becoming homeless.


I came across a few service agencies and left messages, explaining my situation, although had very little hope that anyone would contact me back. To my amazement, though, someone from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Omaha did get back to me. And within 24 hours, the volunteer that befriended me was able to lay out a plan that would get me over this financial hurdle that I couldn’t overcome on my own. Not only is the Society of St. Vincent de Paul paying to fix my car (my #1 concern), but they are also paying some funds towards my past-due rent.


Only one day prior, I had been in tears, praying pretty much all day, asking God to somehow help me in my life crisis. I had been at a point that I honestly thought that I was going to lose my car, lose my job and lose my apartment. As it turned out, though, God sent an unexpected angel in the form of a volunteer from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Omaha.


The society’s volunteer took such a HUGE weight off my shoulders. Because of them, I’ll be able to get caught up on rent very soon. And the kindness and genuine caring from the SSVP volunteer was amazing. She never seemed judgmental of me and my situation, which was huge for me, because I felt so ashamed…like a dog with a tail between my legs, asking for assistance, completely embarrassed. Instead, she was unbelievably kind and understanding, and was so quick to resolve my situation and get me the help I needed. SSVP has just been a one huge blessing for me, one that I couldn’t have even imagined just one day, prior.


Saying thank you to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and their volunteers seems so insufficient, because of all they’ve done and the peace of mind they’ve restored in me. When I get myself straightened around, I would be proud to volunteer for the society in any way possible…to just try to pay forward the many blessings I’ve received. I am so grateful to each and everyone associated with SSVP. God bless them all.  Connie”





5am - 7pm 

Methodist Hospital

192nd & Dodge St

Items needed:

  • Peanut butter & jelly
  • Beans (canned or dried)
  • Meal Starters (e.g. Hamburger Helper)
  • Pancake Mix
  • Canned Meat/Fish
  • Canned vegetables
  • Cereal
  • Oatmeal
  • Pasta & pasta sauce
  • Crackers
  • Mac and cheese
  • Baking Mixes
  • Toilet paper
  • Diapers
  • Laundry soap

We also need help greeting and thanking people at the next WOWT Stuff the Bus event on Thursday December 2 from

5am - 7pm at Methodist Hospital 192nd & Dodge. Please sign up here for a shift if you can!

Volunteer for Stuff the Bus


  • large diapers (sizes 4, 5, and 6)
  • hygiene products
  • toilet paper
  • sauces (e.g. ketchup, mustard, salad dressing, etc.)
  • baking mix
  • canned fruit

Drop off donations on Monday and Wednesday mornings at the Pantry 2101 Leavenworth St.


Northwest Store:

5505 N. 90th St

Mon-Sat 9a-6p


Downtown Store:

2101 Leavenworth St

Mon-Sat: 9a-6p 


Papillion Store:

807 Tara Pl

Mon-Sat 9a-6p


West Center Store:

12301 W Center Road

Mon-Sat 9a-8p

Sun 12p-5p


Store Donation Information 

Drop off donations at all stores

Mon-Sat 10-5 

and Sun 12-5 at Westwood


Leavenworth drop off M-F 9-3 only

Call to schedule a pickup at 402-341-1688

Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Schedule online for more options

Check out our website for more information on volunteering, donating specifics, and more!

Visit our Website

Holy Family Community Center 

Did you know we offer all of this and more at Holy Family? 

  • Free sack lunches made by dedicated volunteers to all who come to our door M-F 10:30-11:30
  • Lunch delivered by van M-F to senior hi-rises, parking lots and our non-profit partners
  • Free clothing given by our volunteers to anyone in need, M-F 9-10:00
  • The Churchyard Community Garden, a green space in the urban core
  • Music, theater, and dance free of cost in The Chapel, now a warm and inviting room for uplifting performing arts
  • Room for the community to gather and learn 
  • Nebraska Criminal Justice Review, a quarterly publication dedicated to the concerns of those affected by the criminal justice system
  • Hope of the Poor ministry providing free coffee and friendship on our lawn 
  • Sharing our neighbors’ stories through video and social media 

We assumed responsibility for many of these programs when the Archbishop merged Holy Family with St. Francis Cabrini in April of 2020. Along with the Holy Family Parish ministries, we also agreed to care for the now 139-year-old building, with all its needs and quirks, including an ancient boiler.

Upstairs in The Chapel, we now offer an accessible, alcohol-free, no-cost, all-ages venue for all kinds of gatherings, providing food for the heart and soul. At Holy Family, in keeping with the mission of the Society, we build a greater network of friends through personal relationships and service.  

Donate to Holy Family Today 

It's a Wrap!

Earlier this year, the Society was facing a bit of a crisis. Our two very old cargo vans had become extremely undependable. It was very often the case that, when one van was in use, the other one was in the shop getting some mechanical issue resolved. And, the repair costs seemed to be getting more expensive all the time.

So, we put out a special request to donors to help us fund the purchase of either a new or slightly used cargo van. Such vans are essential to our mission of providing our basic services to those in need, as we use them to: • Pick up and deliver food from the Food Bank, grocery stores and other food-providers for use in our Pantry and in our Holy Family Ministry’s Sack Lunch Program; • Deliver meals to the homeless and to individuals & families living in affordable, low-rent housing apartment complexes; • Move donated clothes from our warehouse to our Holy Family Ministry’s Closet Door; • Pick up other in-kind donations in the community.

Thankfully, a number of SSVP donors “stepped up” and provided the support needed to purchase one used and one new cargo van – including having their exteriors wrapped with our organization’s name and logo. While we’re still waiting for the new cargo van to arrive, we took possession of the gently-used, recently-wrapped cargo van in early October (see accompanying photo).

Our staff could not be more pleased with, and are extremely grateful for having a dependable cargo van to help us accomplish our mission of serving the poorest of our community. And, even though the donors to the van fund wished to remain anonymous, we still wanted to provide a “van update” to all friends of the Society.

Our Sack Lunch Program and Closet Door Ministries continue to be in need of the following items to share with our neighbors in need. We would be grateful if you would consider donating any of the following:

Sack Lunch Program

Salty snacks (potato chips & other types of chips, pretzels, etc. to include in sack lunches)

Closet Door

Men's Jeans (esp. sizes 32-34)

Women's & Men's Hoodies

Men's & Women's Sweatpants

Men's Coats

Men’s & Women’s Shoes (esp. sizes men’s size11)



Please feel free to drop off any donations to our Holy Family Community Center - 1715 Izard Street - from 10:30 am - 1 pm, Mondays-Fridays (and ask for Jeff)!


tbd dance collective

Making Space Dance Festival

Friday, Nov 4, Sat Nov 5, Sun Nov 6

7:30pm each night

Holy Family Community Center Chapel

Now in its fifth year, Making Space is a biennial performance festival, produced by tbd. dance collective, featuring a curation of choreographic works created by local, regional, and national movement artists. Often changing venues, choreographic guidelines, and structure, the purpose of this festival is to provide a platform for movement artists to present new work, explore the process of developing choreography, create connections among artists locally and cross-regionally, and offer educational workshops to foster a collective celebration of dance within our community.

tbd info and RSVP

Alajia McKizia

Young Leaders Award and

Sunday Soul November 13

Alajia McKizia, freelance artist and curator: The 2022 Populus Fund grantee was a 2020 Inside/Out fellow at the Union for Contemporary Art. She’s curator of Juneteenth Joy Fest, a Black arts and cultural festival in North Omaha, and Sunday Soul, a five-part performance series honoring women artists. She has created many community art projects, and has participated in many group exhibits and performances.

This award was presented by the Creighton University Heider College of Business at a recent Inspire: Celebrating Women's Leadership Awards ceremony. 

Congratulations to Alajia! We have loved working with her on her Sunday Soul series of events. Join us for the next one on

November 13th.  


Truth, Beauty & Goodness

Event Series


November 20th 3:00pm

Scott Watts of 

Hope of the Poor on

Our Lady Guadalupe

The Chapel at Holy Family Community Center 

1715 Izard St

Hope of the Poor
Society of St. Vincent de Paul Omaha at
Holy Family Community Center
1715 Izard St. Omaha, NE 68102
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Please contact SSVP Development Director, Tim Sully, to discuss a variety of charitable donation options, including  monthly giving, donating stocks or mutual funds, the IRA Charitable Rollover, as well as planned giving / estate planning possibilities at!