What is Happening?!
This season for the Pittsburgh Steelers has been, to put mildly, strange. With countless injuries, losses, adversity, and leadership questions, Pittsburgh has faced one of the worst starts in their storied history. However, they are not out of the playoff picture yet at 2-4. This newsletter we are looking into how to handle and overcome the challenges and what comes next plus, see what our CEO, Dave Baker has to say about how this relates to business and life.
"'We live by the creed, 'The Standard is the Standard,''' Tomlin said. ''But those are just words. The players, the guys, make that reality.'' A reality that has the Steelers (2-4) heading into a welcome bye week with something akin to momentum. Pittsburgh begins a three-game homestand against winless Miami (0-6) on Oct. 28 and considering the current state of the AFC North - only Baltimore (4-2) has a winning record - the Steelers are still somehow relevant."

"There are really only three ways for fans of the  Pittsburgh Steelers  to feel about the 2019 season. You are either:
A – giving up on the lost season, and hoping Art Rooney blows it up.
B – taking a mulligan on 2019, and looking for bright spots for the future.
C – holding out hope that this thing turns around in the weak AFC North."

Take a look at what has gone well for the Steelers and what has gone horribly wrong.

"A pretty common 'Tomlinism' that we have heard quite a bit in 2019, or at least referenced ourselves, is only three simple words. "Next man up." Ben Roethlisberger. Roosevelt Nix. Sean Davis. Vince Williams. Vance McDonald. Mason Rudolph. Mark Barron. Steven Nelson. Jaylen Samuels. James Washington. And now, Stephon Tuitt. All of these players have missed or will miss significant time. Two of which, maybe even three, suffered season-ending injuries. These are not role players or scrubs. The success of the team hinges on all of these players and what they bring week in and week out. You can't replace a Ben Roethlisberger or a Stephon Tuitt..."

"Redskins owner Dan Snyder, with his team winless and his fanbase torn between anger and apathy, views  Steelers  coach Mike Tomlin as best candidate to help revive the franchise, according to numerous sources close to the situation, and is poised to try to acquire his services this offseason. Snyder, who has long been a fan of Tomlin, has gotten to know the  Super Bowl -winning coach more personally over the years, at league meetings and through several mutual friends and peers, and would be willing to give Tomlin a top-of-the-market salary and full authority over the organization, the sources said. He views Tomlin as the kind of coach, leader and face-of-the-franchise Washington sorely lacks -- the perfect point person with the media and sponsors and to help efforts to get a stadium built in downtown Washington, DC."

"After all, it is only through adversity that one can adapt and create the next paradigm. We’re in a challenging spot today, a pickle they say, but this is a resilient and smart organization. Innovation will create new solutions, and with a little bit of faith, can result in a very positive outcome. Look at the Philadelphia Eagles model from their championship season a couple of years ago. Their star quarterback was knocked out for the rest of the season, their backup led them to win the Super Bowl against a vaunted opponent with that proven successful model. Perhaps the new innovation is to always have a true second and third who do step in regularly. After all with the rate of injury to starters isn’t that the prudent step. And with that, the expansion of the roster to 10 more players ready to play.

Adversity leads to innovation, and innovation changes the world. So next time you’re presented with a challenge think to yourself, this is an opportunity to be better tomorrow than I am today. Welcome it, it’s a window of opportunity!"