CASY & MSCCN Celebrate 50,000 Verified Hires!
Here at CASY & MSCCN, our summer started off with reaching an amazing milestone. We have assisted over 50,000 transitioning veterans, spouses, and their families in realizing, acting upon, and achieving their career goals, resulting in high-paying, fulfilling careers!

The impact of this milestone can be felt not only in the lives of those who have been touched firsthand but also in the form of hope for those who have yet to find their place in the civilian world.

It is important that we celebrate these milestones, not because of notoriety, but because of that same hope. Hope that, with each success story, grows stronger and more present, hope that encourages and motivates, and hope that being “military-affiliated” will be a concern of the past for employers all over the world.
Join the Mission: An Interactive Way to Give Back to the Veteran Community
Who wants first dibs on their own hot-off-the press copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4?

As a non-profit one of our funding partners is the Call of Duty Endowment which is organized by Activision Blizzard. For those of you who do not know, they are one of the largest gaming producers and the most successful standalone interactive entertainment company in the world.

Every year Activision Blizzard hosts an in-store donation program at their GameStop stores nationally, and this year they need our help!
Congratulations, Katie!
After working one-on-one with her employment specialist, Katie landed her dream virtual career!

"My employment specialist sent me emails of different opportunities, walked me through some interview with best practices, as well as interview questions that could be asked. I am happy to say, MSCCN led me in the right direction to finding my career."
Have you wondered 'why am I not getting responses to my application, this job is perfect for me'?

Often times when a candidate has a good or even decent resume but is not getting calls back or invitations to interview, the issue can be found somewhere in their job search process. Our Job Search and Social Networking course helps candidates see where they may be skipping steps or missing the mark, and helps them understand the job search process as a whole. Let us help you secure your dream job! Register Now to get access to our entire live training series, as well as our on demand training- you won't regret it!
Our dedicated team is ready and waiting to help you accomplish your dreams. Why Wait?

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