The year 2020 revealed the power of sanctuary. Whether it was the sanctuaries in our minds to escape the craziness of the year or the sanctuaries of our homes to protect ourselves from the coronavirus, our idea of what a “sanctuary” is took on whole new meanings.

At Animal Care Sanctuary, in both East Smithfield and Wellsboro, Pa., this power was experienced at a level that has never been before in our five-plus decades of existence. 

In addition to our setting new records in adoptions, we opened our brand-new community clinic and dog kennel after years of fundraising, planning and building. These facilities were desperately needed as the kennel had been operating out of same outdated building since the 1980s, and the clinic was being run out of cramped trailer. Both of these new facilities improve how we can treat our canines and other animals to ensure they find their forever homes healthy and happy.