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Rich Weinfeld  of 
Weinfeld Education Group

Thursday, November 10, at 7:00 p.m.
3055 Wilshire Boulevard,  Suite 1110
Los Angeles (Mid-Wilshire), California 90010


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The National Education Association (2006) suggests that there are approximately
360,000 twice-exceptional (2e) students in America's schools, making the call for
awareness and understanding about twice-exceptionality critical for educators

Johns Hopkins School of Education (2001) states, "But sometimes, the situation is
considerably more complicated. In the case of children whose differences from the
norm point to both the "surplus" as well as the "deficit" ends of the continuum, it is
extremely likely that standard measures for "catching" such discrepancies will be
inadequate, for this kind of student's two opposing tendencies (testing "too high" in
some contexts while performing "too poorly" in others) often mask each other."

Many educational groups have long advocated for the identification of twice-exceptional
students as a foundation to their appropriate education. However, since
there is no explicit mandate to serve twice-exceptional students, one must look at
special education law, gifted policies, directives from involved federal agencies, and
precedents in caselaw for the authority supporting identification and services for this
population. Recent judicial decisions and directives strongly support the need to
identify twice-exceptional learners, to include them in appropriate gifted education,
and to ensure that they receive individualized support to access gifted education. The
presenters share their expertise in working to ensure that twice exceptional learners
are identified and receive appropriate support.

During this informative panel discussion, Rich Weinfeld of Weinfeld Education Group,
and his colleagues Michael J. Eig, Esq. and Paula A. Rosenstock, Esq., will discuss LEGAL

Weinfeld Education Group is excited to share that  the Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that could become a landmark decision  altering the nationwide standard for how educational benefit is measured for students  with IEPs. They are especially glad to see the U.S. solicitor general assert that  educational benefit should be meaningful in light of the child's POTENTIAL. 
In a brief  issued last month, the U.S. solicitor general agreed with the parents, who had
originally filed the case, that the IDEA requires schools to provide more than minimal
benefit to students with disabilities. "This court should hold that states must provide
children with disabilities educational benefits that are meaningful in light of the child's
potential and the IDEA's stated purposes. Merely aiming for non-trivial progress is not
sufficient," the solicitor general indicated. This ruling could have far-reaching
implications for special education.

Please join us on Thursday, November 10, at 7:00 p.m. for what should prove to be a
very informative and vigorous discussion. The event will be hosted at 3055 Wilshire
Boulevard, Suite 1110, Los Angeles (Mid-Wilshire), California 90010. 

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PEN/PEN-LA Members: $5.00, Non-Members: $10.00, Educators from Member Schools, No Charge

Refreshments will be provided.

Rich Weinfeld has authored four books ("Helping Boys Succeed in School: A Practical Guide for Parents and  Teachers," "Special Needs Advocacy Resource Book," "School Success for Kids with High- Functioning  Autism,  and "Smart Kids with Learning Difficulties: Overcoming Obstacles and Realizing Potential") which  will be available for sale after the event, for those interested in purchase. Mr. Weinfeld will be on hand to  sign books purchased at the event. Pre-Sales of books (at Registration for this event) will receive a 10%  discount. Books purchased at the event will not be subject to the discount.

Rich Weinfeld
With Weinfeld Education Group

Rich is Executive Director of Weinfeld Education
Group,, a group of educational
consultants, psychologists, and related student services providers,
dedicated to helping all students reach their potential. Rich serves
as an expert witness and advocate for appropriate services for
students with special needs throughout the United States. Rich
began his career teaching elementary school and then spent 14
years working with emotionally disturbed students, and 6 years
directing a program for students with learning disabilities, physical
challenges, and autism spectrum disorders. His career in public
school education culminated with 6 years as the director of
programs for gifted students with disabilities. Rich has co-authored
6 books and many articles on a variety of special needs topics,
including "Smart Kids with Learning Difficulties" and "School
Success for Kids with High Functioning Autism"; taught a course on
Gifted Students with Disabilities at Johns Hopkins; created and
taught a course on advocacy; and provided training for a wide
variety of professionals and parent groups.
Michael J. Eig, Esq

The founder and owner of the firm, Michael J. Eig and Associates,
has been practicing special education law and advocacy in the
metropolitan D.C. area since 1975. His educational background
includes degrees in cultural anthropology and education from
Brandeis University (1970), a Master's in Education and Social
Policy from Harvard University (1972), and a J.D. from Georgetown
University Law Center (1975). A former public school teacher, Mr.
Eig has combined his interest and training in education with a
commitment to special education law, and advocated on behalf of
disabled children and their families for the past thirty-eight years.
He has served as counsel and/or amicus in special education cases
before federal courts, including the Supreme Court. He was
counsel in Schaffer v. Weast, before the Supreme Court, class
counsel in the landmark Mills v. D.C. Board of Education, amicus
in Smith v. Robinson and North v. D.C., and served as plaintiffs'
counsel in Doyle v. Arlington School Board. He has participated in
countless IEP meetings and Due Process Hearings since the 1970s
and has lectured and written extensively in the area of special
education law, including authoring the current article on Education
of the Disabled in the Dictionary of American History.
Paula A. Rosenstock, Esq.

Paula A. Rosenstock holds a B.A. in psychology from Tufts
University, magna cum laude, and a J.D. from The George
Washington University Law School. She was admitted to the
Virginia Bar in 2003, the District of Columbia Bar in 2005 and the
Maryland Bar in 2014. Ms. Rosenstock has spent nearly her entire
legal career practicing special education law in the Washington
D.C. area. She provides support and guidance to parents seeking to
secure appropriate educational services for their children through
the IEP process, administrative due process appeals and in federal
court. Prior to law school, she worked in several schools and
programs for children with disabilities.