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Volume 8, Issue 1 - February 2020
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Dear CST friend,
Well, it's a new year so it is a new calendar of opportunity to help our colleagues learn basic CST for the first time, learn somato-emotional processing for the first time, review a class for a second time at half price, or introduce a friend or colleague to begin CST. (We will thank you when your refer a friend or colleague who signs up for a BE1 class, with a $50 discount on your next class).

Upcoming CST Basic Elements 1 (BE1) Classes:
March 20-22 New York City with Gina Flores
March 27-29 Halifax, Nova Scotia with Gary Keeling
April 17-19 Dover, New Hampshire with Don Ash
April 24-26  New York City with Gina Flores
May 15-17 Fredericton, New Brunswick with Gary Keeling
May 29-31 Louisville, Kentucky with Charise Rogosky
Upcoming Somato-Emotional Elements 1 (SE1) Class:
I will be teaching this class March 27-29 in Dover, New Hampshire.
Begin to offer CST in your practice in three days.
Begin to hold space for somato-emotional processing in three days.
Begin a new initiative in your practice!
Call today 603-948-2820.
Just Released: The New CST Handbook Compendium
And what else is new for us is a new decade of offering CST Continuing Education with the anniversary celebration of our new book. The new, expanded, updated and revised complete basic 6 class curriculum reference: CST HANDBOOK COMPENDIUM. This volume contains discussions, and new anatomical and treatment diagrams, CST/Lymphatic Integration, 3 stage one position evaluation for CS rhythm, fascial ton e, and lymphatic restrictions, clinical evaluation for post concussion, pediatric approaches, CADD class principles, somato-emotional processing and more. And for the first time anywhere, to support accompanying text, our book includes QR codes which can be scanned by smartphones to link quickly to the CST Alliance YouTube page. This is sure to be a classic. $45 (plus $5 shipping and handling in the U.S.) To order your copy Visit the Store at CSTAlliance.com
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Happy Day,
Don Ash, PT, CSTA-CP
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