"CST In Touch"
News from the CST Alliance
Volume 6, Issue 5
Dear CST friend,
The CST Alliance finished out the year in great style and success. Charise Rogosky is now certified to teach "Craniosacral-Lymphatic Integration" and she taught her first "CLI" class last weekend in her home state of Pennsylvania. Gary Keeling, BPE, BSc (PT), CSTA-CP has been certified to teach our CST Basic Elements 3 "BE3" class and Gina Flores, LMT, CSTA-CP has been certified to teach our CST Basic Elements 2 "BE2" class. We all will be busy in the new year with classes in seven states and two countries.
8th Annual CST Retreat Attendees:
We had a wonderful CST Retreat this year! Charise presented on Lymphatics. Gina presented on the influence vibration has on the body, and brought her Tibetan "singing" bowls. It is a beautiful dimension to sessions in which there is a need for quieting and settling of energy as with kids, ADHD, PTSD, chronic pain and chronic stress. Gary offered new and interesting insights into the application of CST with Orthopedics as well as a way of measuring the effect a CST session has on the autonomic nervous system. Look for new information in the coming year.
So we are joyfully moving the work forward. We have half of our 2019 schedule up on the website with more to come. Look for new and interesting series of essays in CST to be published soon on the website under "Don's Circle." Each essay offers a perspective on teaching and CST work that can motivate each of us to think about how, when and why we put our hands on the body in an effort to facilitate healing.
And finally, look for our annual Christmas card email from the CST Alliance soon. Being sort of "old school" my first choice would be to send each of you a real card by snail mail, but I guess we will stay up with the times and send our holiday message out via email and Facebook. We have a beautiful one selected for this year that we trust you will enjoy and find inspiring.
Happy Day,
Don Ash, PT, CSTA-CP
Photos From A Few of Our Fall Classes
BE2 Class in Rochester, NH with Don Ash and Gina Flores:
Retreat 2018
CST Somato-Emotional Elements 2 "SE2" Class in NH:
CST Somato-Emotional Elements 1 "SE1" Class in NH with Don Ash and Charise Rogosky:
BE2 fall 2018
November CST Basic Elements 3 "BE3" Class with Don Ash and Gary Keeling in New Hampshire:
Learn more at our website: