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CCHS Track and Field Invitational
7am @ Helms Field & Balkman Track

City of Culver City's Made in Culver City Series:
Free Screening of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
3pm @ Veteran's Memorial Auditorium
Filmed at CCHS and other Culver City locations!

CCMS ASB Spirit Week
All Week!

Elementary Parent Conferences: 1:45 Dismissal

CCHS Girls Varsity/JV Soccer vs Baldwin Park
3:15pm @ Helms Field
Go Centaurs!

El Marino Winter Concert @ 6:30pm

Elementary Parent Conferences: 1:45 Dismissal

All Schools: Early Dismissal

La Ballona and Linwood E. Howe Winter Concerts @ 6:30pm

Elementary: Regular 3:15 Dismissal

El Rincon Chorus Winter Concert
6:30pm @ Cafetorium

CCMS The Voyages Group @ 10:30am

CCMS Dance Troupe Fun Friday @ 12:15pm

All Schools: Early Dismissals
Have a wonderful and safe Winter Break!

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Thank You! Let's Get Ready for A Great 2018!
I am so honored to have been selected by the Board of Education to lead a District that I love. It was truly special to celebrate this decision on Tuesday night with my family and a School Board that works hard every day to make our schools the best they can be.

During the 19 years I have worked in CCUSD, I have met so many amazing parents, teachers, staff and students who believe, as I do, that educating our children is the most important thing any of us will do. I am committed to making sure that we never lose sight of that.

I am blessed to have worked at almost every level of our District, so I come to the superintendent position with a thorough understanding of what it takes to make our schools successful. But at every level, a big part of our success will rely on all of us working together. My door will always be open. I want you to tell me what you think – what you really think. I look forward to hearing your ideas and concerns as we strive to create the best possible learning environment for the children we serve.

We won't always agree and the road to success will not always be easy, but please know that everything I do will be because I want to put our children first.

Thank you all for your incredible support. I can't wait to see what amazing things 2018 will bring to CCUSD!

– Leslie Lockhart, Superintendent
Unity on Campus at Culver City High School
by CCHS Senior Huma Manjra

As my hometown, Culver City is a critical part of my identity. Culver City High School, located within the nation's fourth most diverse school district, has a variety of distinct communities that have influenced me over the years and impacted me in a powerful way. As a Muslim Indian woman being blended into this melting point, I am built up of every single unique person I have met. I integrate my friends' cultural backgrounds and customs into mine, build upon myself from their traits and beliefs, and fuse their life stories into my own story, connecting various pieces into a whole.
With every school day I attend, I watch as my school continues to thrive on a foundation that is built on not only tolerance of differences, but acceptance of them as well. I listen to hellos and goodbyes being exchanged in different languages among classmates in the hall. I watch as African Americans, Hispanics, Whites, and Asians sit together and develop strong friendships with one another. Because of this powerful magnitude of understanding and compassion within CCHS, it was no surprise when my peers of different races and religions stood up for me and discussed the possibility of protesting the 2018 Prom date as it conflicted with my Muslim holy month of Ramadan.
During Ramadan, Muslims like myself begin their day of fasting at sunrise and wait until sunset to break their fast. As a result, many of us Muslim students on campus felt that we wouldn’t be unable to attend the 2018 Prom because the timing would conflict with our fasting and praying schedule. When informed about this issue, Assistant Principal Ms.Tarvyd contacted the local mosque and Culver City High School’s Muslim Student Association to resolve the situation. After much discussion and careful consideration, it was decided that the Muslim students who decide to attend Prom will be provided with date palms (a fruit used to traditionally break one's fast) and water at the time of sunset to adequately break their fast. The 2018 Prom will continue to be held on Saturday, May 19th. The actions taken by my peers and the faculty serve to demonstrate the high regard for unity on the CCHS campus. As a Muslim Indian woman, I am grateful to walk on the grounds of a tight knit community woven by threads of solidarity and acceptance.
Robotics Team Helps Decorate Rose Parade Float,
Still Time to Volunteer to Help
On December 2, the CCHS Robotics team went to Pasadena to tour and volunteer on the Rose Parade. We helped decorate the float for the Armenian American Rose Float Association, cutting petals and gluing the float all day long. The team had a blast viewing all the massive floats the different organizations had to offer and seeing up close how they operate. This was a wonderful opportunity to contribute to our community, and we hope to return soon.

If anyone is interested in touring and helping to decorate, they are always looking for volunteers. Float decoration is going on now every Saturday through December 23, then every day from December 26 through December 30. To volunteer, please contact Craig Singer at oicrewchief@gmail.com
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