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FRIDAY (5/24)
El Marino PTA Production of The Jungle Book
5pm and 6:30pm @ El Marino

Farragut International Food & Arts Festival
6pm @ Farragut

SUNDAY (5/26)
AVPA Theatre Student Plays
1pm and 7pm @ Sony Pictures Black Box Theatre at the Frost

MONDAY (5/27)

TUESDAY (5/28)
CCUSD Board of Education Meeting
7pm @ CCUSD District Office Board Room, 4034 Irving Place
Agenda Available Here When Posted

Noche Folklorica
6pm @ Robert Frost Auditorium
More Information Below

FRIDAY (5/31)
AVPA Take 10 Film Festival
7pm @ Robert Frost Auditorium
More Information Below

CCMS Improv Shows
12pm / 3pm / 7pm @ Robert Frost Auditorium
More Information Below

Cirque du LinHowe
5pm @ Linwood E. Howe
More Information Below

SUNDAY (6/2)
CCMS Improv Shows
2pm / 5pm @ Robert Frost Auditorium
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AVPA Open House Workshop and Java Gala
12:30pm @ Robert Frost Auditorium

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Original Film Festival poster
This year's Film Festival poster
AVPA Film Revives CCHS Film Festival
Film teacher Jim Knight, one of the founders of the Culver City High School's Academy of Visual and Performing Arts, established the first film festival at CCHS about 20 years ago. When Mr. Knight left CCHS, the film festival fizzled. A couple of years ago, current CCHS AVPA film teacher Holly Gable attended a film festival called SCREEN at Pacifica Christian, where Knight is now head of school.

“I wondered why Culver High didn’t have one,” said Gable. “I guess it just got lost once Mr. Knight left. But I got inspired to reinstate the festival this year.”
On the evening of May 31, 11 films will be screened in the Robert Frost Auditorium, during AVPA Film’s “Take Ten Film Festival.”
An objective panel of judges screened the more than three hours of films, and individually gave Gable their selections. The esteemed professional filmmaker judges represented all areas of film production. They included screenwriter Hal Cantor, cinematographer Patrik Giardino, producer Carey Zieser, director Martin Dix, and Academy Award nominated VFX Supervisor Kelly Port. (Some of these judges are AVPA parents, but none have children in AVPA Film.) 
Submissions were open to anyone at CCHS, but the vast majority of the 28 submissions came from AVPA Film students.

“We’re starting small this year in order to get this going,” added Gable. “In the future, we hope to spread the word, and attract a wider pool of students. Our ultimate goal is to open it up to high school students outside of CCHS.”
The winners will be announced immediately after the screening. The audience will also be invited to participate in the “audience choice award” at the end of the evening. Cash prizes for all the categories have been generously donated by the AVPA parent body. 
“While doing a film room clean-up, we discovered a festival poster, a relic from Mr. Knight’s time as creative director,” said Gable. “We decided to pay homage with this year’s poster for our new film festival.” (See photos above)
Doors for the festival open at 6 p.m., and there will be a bake sale. Showings start at 7 p.m. The awards ceremony will commence immediately after the screening. The event is free and open to everyone.
CCMS Softball Team Earns JHDL Sportsmanship Award
Culver City Middle School's softball team not only excels on the diamond, but has earned the respect and admiration of its opponents for the way it plays the game.

The Panthers recently earned The Junior High Delphic League's Sportsmanship Award for 2018-2019 – the second consecutive season the team has earned the award.

"This is a great honor for that team," said Athletic Director Tom Salter.
Want to be Impressed? Volunteer to Participated in Eighth-Grade Interviews
It is almost time for Culver City Middle School's Eighth-Grade Interviews!

Over the course of four days in June (Monday, June 3 through Thursday June 6), CCMS eighth graders will have the opportunity to highlight their accomplishments as they present their online portfolios and are interviewed by members of the CCMS community. Please use this link to sign-up to be an interviewer.

As an interviewer, you will meet one-on-one with a student, conduct a brief interview and provide written feedback. Once you sign-up, more information will be emailed to you. You will be impressed by the quality of these students!

Feel free to reach out to CCMS Assistant Principal Michael Bosler for more information.

Important Parking Reminder
When Attending Events at The Frost
When attending events at The Robert Frost Auditorium, please park only in the designated FREE CCUSD parking lots that surround the facility (shown above).

• Corner of Elenda and Farragut - South of the Robert Frost Auditorium. Between the Culver City Middle School and Farragut Elementary

• Huron - From Elenda, head west on Braddock. Entrance is on the south of Braddock.

• Harter - From Elenda, head west on Braddock. Pass Huron and go south on Harter. Parking is on your left.

• Overflow parking is located at Culver Blvd. and Elenda St.

Please respect the residents and do not park in the neighborhood.
Earn Your Principal A Massage – Take the Walk 'n Rollers Parent Travel Survey!
The Culver City Walk 'n Rollers Parent Travel Survey is out. The initial numbers show everything is trending the right way, but the sampling is small. We need more parents to take the survey here:  http://www.ccwalkandroll.com/surveypledge

We will draw a winner each week from the respondents.

Remember, the school with the most responses will earn the principal a free massage! 

Current leader board (percentages of total):
El Marino Language School: 27.3
Farragut Elementary School: 27.3
Linwood Howe Elementary School: 18.2
Culver City Middle School: 9.1
Culver City High School: 6.1
El Rincon Elementary School:  6.1
La Ballona Elementary School:  6.1
Noche Folklorica Brings Together CCUSD Students to Celebrate Mexican Culture
On Thursday, May 30, Noche Folkl ó rica will bring together students from El Marino, Farragut, La Ballona and Culver City Middle School to tell cultural stories of Mexico through dance. This showcase event is made possible because of the passion, dedication, and collaborative spirit amongst three Ballet Folkl ó rico teachers, all whom teach within CCUSD; El Marino teacher Jayro Armenta, Victor Herrera who teaches at both La Ballona and CCMS, and Celeste Arredondo at Farragut. It will be the first time that all of these Ballet Folkl ó rico students will come together to perform as a group to showcase the beauty of the dance and the depth of the Mexican culture.
Ballet Folkl ó rico is offered at the four school sites in differing capacities. La Ballona, Farragut and CCMS offer afterschool Grupo Folkl ó rico classes. These classes have existed for many years and continue to offer culturally enriching dance opportunities to more than 40 students. Celeste Arredondo teaches at Farragut. Victor Herrera teaches at La Ballona and CCMS.
“Folklore is about keeping up with traditions, culture and passion,” said Sr. Herrera. “We see the different cultures that have influenced our roots. Learning where cultures come from can help us understand where we are going.”
Grupo Folkl ó rico de El Marino originated when one teacher’s passion for dance inspired him to bring to life to El Marino’s mission to foster culturally rich experiences for students. Supported by El Marino’s PTA, it is a class offered by one of El Marino’s first-grade Spanish Immersion teachers, Jayro Armenta.

“Armenta has evolved the vision as a dance program that supports cultural competency goals and capacities for El Marino,” said Rosemary Quintero, who is also a founder of the program. About 35 third- through fifth-graders from El Marino’s Spanish and Japanese Immersion Programs participate. This amazingly dedicated group students come to practice twice a week before school, ready to be immersed in learning the dance steps and the deep cultural traditions and values that are part of Folkl ó rico. They also perform at school assemblies and community events.

“In just two years, under the talented creative direction of Sr. Armenta, the students have flourished to the Grupo de Folkl ó rico de El Marino you see today,” she said.
Noche Folkl ó rica came together because these three teachers’ spirit of collaboration.

“Sr. Armenta had one small desire for all his own students to dance together on one stage,” explained Ms. Quintero. “When the Frost Auditorium re-opened, Sr. Armenta and I immediately reached out to Mr. Herrera and Ms. Arredondo to see if it piqued their interest to dance together. Noche Folkl ó rica was a meeting of the minds and souls!”
Both the parents and the students love the experience.

“Folkl ó rico has taught my girls to work as a team, they are very inspired by the beautiful dances and its culture,” said Yadira Lopez.

“I have enjoyed watching my daughter immerse herself in the Mexican culture through the Ballet Folkl ó rico,” said parent Violet Mendoza. “While we are not from Mexico, we appreciate the beauty of the different areas of Mexico the through song and dance. Sr. Armenta is doing a fabulous job of weaving the cultural aspect into education.”
“Ballet Folkl ó rico has had a big impact on my life,” said CCMS student Ellie. “It’s helped me in many ways by helping me learn more dances and techniques with my feet. It’s really fun for me to be able to do performances and practice and get better. Ballet Folkl ó rico is one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life so far and I wouldn’t have done it differently.”
"I love the Folkl ó rico program at La Ballona!” said parent Laura Loo. “My daughter has been in it for four years, my son for three years, and I can definitely see the improvement in their rhythm and grace. Victor, the instructor, has a true passion for dance. We love the costumes and performing, the whole experience has been wonderful!"

“I am pleased to say how appreciative and happy I am that CCMS offers Ballet Folkl ó rico,” said sixth-grade parent Maria Salas. “This program has helped my daughter enrich her cultural background roots by engaging in dancing, costume, and insight into the different states and regions of Mexico, by way of dancing. It’s a wonderful way to grow and express artistically their talent.”

The nearly 80 students will perform at 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 30 at Robert Frost Auditorium . You won’t want to miss the talent of these young performers as they tell stories with every step and colorful twirl! The event is free and open to the public.
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