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EDITION: May 4, 2022

Camera On? Or Camera Off? Jammies? Or No Jammies?

A surprising statistic: 92% of executives think workers who turn cameras off during meetings don’t have long-term futures at the company. About the same number say people who turn off their cameras probably aren’t paying attention, and are perceived as less engaged with their work overall.

Video meetings aren’t going away. But video meeting etiquette is becoming the new dress code issue.

We recommend developing a policy that’s simple, non-restrictive and flexible.

Here’s ours:  

Video Meetings & Cameras

  1. Internal meetings, one-on-ones, small group meetings – camera optional, dress code whatever you like.
  2. Monthly team meetings – on camera; dress as you like.
  3. Client meetings – on camera and dress code in keeping with the client’s expectations.

This policy is deliberately simple. There are lots of legitimate reasons people hide their faces. We need to adapt to that reality as leaders. But as employees, your team members need to know what is comfortable for them, may not be comfortable for others.

Trouble for Workers Who Turn Cameras Off (Axios)

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Every couple of years, Eric updates his ‘best’ leadership books. It’s largely a personal list (and yes, one of his books made the list!)

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