"Can you build an
  enclosure for a crane?"
Whether you need a simple 100 square-foot enclosure or you are looking for a unique building solution to house your manufacturing processes, Starrco can help. Our modular buildings offer extraordinary flexibility. Over the years, our team has found solutions to building requirements that seemed almost impossible.  
  • "Can you make the ceiling of our new building 20 feet high so we can put a crane in there?"
  • "We want to be able to take out the wall so we can maintain our machinery."
  • "Is the building airtight? We want to contain the air and use a scrubber to filter the fumes."
  • "We want the cannabis grow rooms to have high humidity, but the other rooms must be dry. Can you do that?"
  • "Do you have a way to keep carbon fibers, released by tool cutting, away from our plant's electrical systems so we don't blow ourselves up?"
Whenever customers need something out of the ordinary, our dealers know to turn to Starrco. Our design engineers thrive on challenges and our company takes great pride in solving the problems others won't touch.

What process enclosures are available from Starrco?
We build hundreds of different types of process enclosures every year.  
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) rooms.
  • Manufacturing process enclosures for the auto parts industry.
  • Cleanroom labs for pharmaceutical and electronics manufacturers.
  • Grow rooms for cannabis cultivators.
Our process enclosures often include one or more of the following features:
Cleanrooms with controlled environments
Starrco's airtight cleanroom systems are pre-engineered with precise tolerances that range from ISO Class 5 to ISO Class 8.
This makes them suitable for medical device production and packaging, compounding pharmacies, and electronic applications such as semiconductor fabrication.
Rooms can be configured to control temperature, air pressure, humidity and more.
Multi-environment grow facilities
We design cultivation facilities for the emerging cannabis market. These premises often have complex environmental needs. For example, grow rooms need to be hot and humid, but curing rooms need a dry atmosphere.
Access panels
Starrco frequently designs buildings with removable wall sections that allow you to maintain, or even replace, machinery. These panels are easy to remove and reinstall.
"We have built removable wall sections that are 16 feet wide by 12 feet tall so equipment can be taken in and out without disturbing the rest of the structure. The beauty of Starrco is there is nothing to demolish and nothing goes into the dumpster." 
-       Steve Schmidt, National Sales Manager
Sound control
Putting noisy machinery in a process enclosure can make the work environment more comfortable and safer for staff. Starrco panels are laboratory certified to STC 33.
Viewing and observation
For some enclosures, especially those housing robotic processes that need to be observed by staff, we offer a variety of window options including floor-to-ceiling window panels.
We're celebrating
This month, we are celebrating the long careers and contributions of three highly valued members of the Starrco team. We've asked them to look back and tell us how Starrco and the modular industry has changed over the years .
Automated workflows and an outstanding product
What stands out is how far we have come as a company. Thirty years ago, projects were relatively simple. We advertised in card decks to generate leads, and quote requests were all made by phone or fax. Customers called us to place an order, drawings were done by hand, and manufacturing used materials lists.

"Now everything is automated. We have a state-of-the-art website that gives our customers access to quote requests, job site photos, technical data, and testimonials. Drawings are now drawn with AutoCAD; material lists are generated by the computer, and the manufacturing department works from iPads.

"Even though Starrco has been doing this for more than 50 years, I think we have just scratched the surface of the industry's potential. More and more companies now know about Starrco's flexibility, ease of installation, prefinished materials, and tax advantages.

"The future is bright, and I look forward to seeing where we are 10 and 20 years from now.

John Gilmore
Chief Financial Officer
Celebrating 30 years at Starrco
Knowledgeable people and constant innovation
Looking back, the biggest thing that stands out is the quality of the people working at Starrco. We have four people with 30 plus years, and several have worked here for more than 20 years. I think that says a lot about how Starrco takes care of its employees.

" It also means when someone contacts us about a project, we have a deep well of knowledge to tap into. We know how to design almost anything.

" We've also been continually upgrading the product. Our door frame is now the best quality frame design in our industry. We've also improved our electrical package, HVAC integrations, and the quality of our drawings.

"The future of Starrco is very exciting, but we have a few challenges as well.

"The internet and social media have opened up a number of opportunities and are allowing companies who have previously not been aware of modular panel systems to become familiar with us. The challenge is capitalizing on those opportunities. We need to differentiate ourselves from all the other products that are out there.

"I'm confident we are up to the challenge."

Dave Cox
Vice President
Celebrating 25 years at Starrco
Growing talent to grow the company
My achievements include the design of both our 3000 and 3500 studs, our integral door frame system, and the development of the Starrco AutoCAD program.

" I currently oversee our online advertising (PPC and SEO) campaigns, as well as the inside sales group (project managers) and the engineering department. We all wear several hats here, and I've done pretty much everything from inside sales to plant manager.

" Over the years I've seen a shift from our product being used mainly on the warehouse floor to total interior build-outs with executive offices, specialty machine enclosures, and so much more.

"As for the future, I believe our industry may still be a 'best-kept secret.' But as more people become aware of our product and how it can be used, we have the potential for tremendous growth.
Daryl Carlson
Vice President Project Engineering
Celebrating 30 years at Starrco
About Starrco
At Starrco, everything we do is designed with uptime in mind - from the initial quote to the final installation. We make sure all the pieces come together with precision and personable customer service. With our modular pre-engineered systems, we are proud to offer a clean, expedient and high-quality solution that revolutionizes the concept of construction.
In addition to pre-engineered modular offices, we manufacture cleanroom wall systems, floor-to-ceiling interior wall partitions, Starrguard safety guard rail systems, and pre-assembled portable offices.