Chevre  Friends
"Cancel Everything" is the new normal (credit Yascha Mounk for the mantra; The Atlantic, March 10).  And we all are, everywhere....Our congregations and institutions are postponing events and eliminating all manners of in-person interactions - meetings, worship services, celebratory gatherings, lectures, classes for youth and adults.  However, while Covid-19 may pose a threat to our physical well-being, social distancing does not threaten our communal vitality.  Jews have persevered, and Judaism has thrived, for millennia, in large measure, because of our capacity for adaptation.  Our perspective on sacred space and physical centers of gravity has evolved continuously, from the time that we built Tabernacles and Temples to house the Divine Presence.  Today, we have the opportunity to reimagine our paths to engagement and connection and expand our vision of what constitutes Kehillah, community. We may not be able to hold hands but we can and should reach out virtually.  We are also called to uphold our core values, and pay heed to the plight of all who are affected by the pandemic--physically, spiritually, emotionally, and economically.
At Synagogue Council of MA, we will continue to discharge our mission to serve you and support our congregations statewide, across all lines of affiliation, denomination, and observance.  Look for updates about upcoming programs, such as our Fundraising SeminarsPresidents' Leadership Forum, and our Unity Matters broadcasts, as we shift to online and web-based modalities.
I invite you at any time to reach out with questions, concerns, and suggestions as we face new challenges each day.
We wish you a week of peace, contentment, quietude, and security.

Shabbat  Shalom

David Bernat, Executive Director
Gretchen Marks Brandt, Associate Director
Emma Savitz, Office Administrator
Elizabeth Pressman and Craig Schneider, Co-Presidents
Events and Initiatives
Keynote Lecture
Professor Jack Wertheimer
"The New American Judaism: Implications for the Future"


Stay tuned for announcements of possible online or streamed programming.

Look for our
 "Unity Matters"
online video and podcast series
Coming soon!
David Bernat, Executive Director, will engage a battery of artists, politicians, athletes, authors, scholars, and entertainers in dynamic conversations about their Jewish lives and perspectives.                       
Links will be available on our website: www.synagoguecouncil.org


Synagogue Council of Massachusetts is excited to announce the 2020/5780 roll-out of our  AREV MA granting initiative .  The initiative, honoring the memory and legacy of Anita Redner  z"l,  is designed to encourage the cultivation of innovative leadership models in congregational settings and reflects Synagogue Council's mission to empower synagogues as vital centers of Jewish life.  AREV MA seeks to award  three grants of $1800.

Completed grant proposals are  due on May 1, 2020   by mail or email. 

For more information and the grant application click here .

Please join us in sustaining Anita's memory and investing in the vitality of congregations by donating directly to the AREV MA initiative: 

617-244-6506 | info@synagoguecouncil.org