Jane Wilson, AHPA's Director of Program Development and staff liaison to AHPA's Cannabis Committee, participated in a meeting of ASTM's D37 Committee on Cannabis held in San Diego this week.

ASTM Committee D37 on Cannabis was formed in 2017 to develop standards for cannabis, its products and processes. The committee's activities are focused on meeting the needs of the cannabis industry addressing quality and safety through the development of voluntary consensus standards.

AHPA and ASTM signed a memorandum of understanding allowing the ASTM consensus standards process to use AHPA’s recommendations to cannabis regulators documents as foundational material. D37 subcommittees are reviewing the AHPA standards, as well as other existing industry guidance, for use in the consensus standards being developed by each subcommittee.  

The meeting also featured separate meetings and updates from various subcommittees addressing the following issues:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Horticulture and Agriculture
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Laboratory
  • Processing and Handling
  • Security and Transportation
  • Personnel Training, Assessment, Credentialing
  • Terminology

A new subcommittee focused on development of standards for the hemp industry was also approved during the committee proceedings.

More information about the D37 committee’s work is available online.