UM Center for Computational Science Biannual Newsletter                                                         ISSUE NO. 3  |  March 2018
A limited number of exhibitor spaces
are still available for Day 1 (10AM-7PM).
Displays will be housed at the UM School of Architecture's Irvin Korach Gallery.

The first Data Intersections symposium asked interesting people from different fields who work with data to explain how data has transformed their work.

Alberto Cairo has been selected as the 2018 recipient of the Majeri Award for Graphics Journalism from Ball State University’s Department of Journalism.

CCS Drug Discovery program director Stephan Schürer has been appointed to the NIH's Illuminating the Druggable Genome's Resource Dissemination and Outreach Center to organize the incoming data and coordinate project resources.

Google News Lab invited artists and designers to dig into its massive trove of data about what the world Googles. New ways of visualizing data through experimentation will be explored.

National Institutes of Health create its
Data Commons initiative, and invites University of Miami investigators
to contribute their expertise.

The CCS Software Engineering team participate in the inaugural ACCelerate: ACC Smithsonian Creativity and Innovation Festival showcasing 47 projects from 15 ACC universities.

Join CCS for Smart Cities Miami 2018 presented by Hotwire Communications. This year's Conference and Workshop will be held at the UM Jorge M. Perez Architecture Center on the Coral Gables campus. Exhibitors welcome.

The Odd Pairings symposium for graduate and undergraduate students is designed as a deep dive into interdisciplinary pairings between a number of disciplines and computational science. The symposium will begin with a keynote address by John Rothenberg from Sosolimited.

The CCS Fellows Spring Symposium features project presentations from Hanjing Dai, Matt Grossi, Thomas McCauley, and CCS Ambassador Sathvik Palakurty.

The first annual VizUM Visualization Competition focuses on civic engagement. Finalists' projects will be showcased at the fourth annual VizUM Symposium. Featured Speakers are Microsoft's Bongshin Lee and RStudio's Hadley Wickham.

CCS' Drug Discovery program director Stephan Schuerer is joining an NIH partnership to take digital biomedical research data to the next level.

"Student Retention Pattern Prediction Employing Linguistic Features Extracted from Admission Application Essays" presented at IEEE ICMLA 2017 in Cancun.

CCS Big Data Analytics & Data Mining postdoctoral associate Gang Ren presented a paper on content-based features extracted from advertisement video files at the 2017 IEEE ICDM. 

Enrico Capobianco participated on the "Digital Genomics–The Last Mile Between Sequencing and the Clinic" panel at the Precision Medicine Leaders Summit.

Diving deeper into the topics explored in Day 1, the "Enabling Data Science in
Your Organization" Workshop hosted on Day 2 of the Big Data Conference
allowed participants to bring their own problems as test cases.

VizUM 2017 explored the relationship between art, science, and data through
guest speakers Angus Forbes and
Dear Data's Giorgia Lupi.

The University of Miami showcases research on the environment, healthcare, sensor networks, and smart cities under the theme “Preserving Our Future.”

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