new year's resolutions



so what are the best new year’s resolutions?

Before we answer that we need to realize

the difference between a resolution and a goal.

a resolution

is a decision to (not) do a specific behavior, like eating too much ice cream before bed.

a goal

is a series of calculated steps designed to help you achieve the resolution, like starting a mindfulness meditation practice at bedtime.

By this definition, it may be more straightforward to think of Goals as the planned-out process of achieving your Resolution. 

in other words:

your resolution is your desired outcome. 

your goals are the steps you take to accomplish them.

Goals, not solutions, are the key to long-term success.

And the secret to setting compelling goals is knowing WHY it is you want what you want –finding purpose and meaning in your goals. Creating compelling goals will help you stay inspired, even when times get tough.

So, what are the Best New Year’s Resolutions?

The best New Year’s Resolutions have Purpose, Passion and Vision behind them.

Productivity & Performance: Why New Year’s resolutions fail

this week, we'll be focusing on gratitude:

Three Fast Facts:

01/ practicing gratitude involves shifting our focus to recognize the good things in life.

02/ the more often we intentionally pause to notice the good things, the more automatic it becomes.

03/ practicing gratitude helps us focus on the big picture and increases happiness.

how to practice gratitude

It’s a term that’s trending worldwide – but being thankful, counting your blessings and showing appreciation is much more than a hashtag, as so many WW members have discovered!

the benefits of gratitude:

a guide to being thankful

These days, it’s hard to scroll through your social media feed without seeing expressions of gratitude – #thankful, #blessed, #sograteful … But true gratitude goes deeper than a quick hashtag on a post on social media – and it can have far-reaching benefits.

“Research has shown that experiencing gratitude – feeling thankful towards another person or entity for favours done for you or things you have – has a suite of positive outcomes, ranging from physical and mental health to healthier and happier social relationships,” says Dr Lisa Williams, a psychologist at the University of NSW.

Several studies have found the many benefits of gratitude, encompassing everything from:

  • fewer physical illness symptoms and a healthier lifestyle
  • reduced mental illness
  • enhanced empathy
  • reduced aggression
  • increased mental strength
  • improved sleep

Gratitude reduces a multitude of toxic emotions, such as stress, envy and resentment, while enhancing positive ones, such as feelings of optimism and peace.

gratitude can build relationships

In one of her own studies in 2014, Dr Williams found being thankful is also likely to win you more friends. “My research shows expressions of gratitude serve to build potential relationships. If someone has done a favour for you and you thank them, they are more likely to invest in you as a relationship partner,” she explains. She says the benefits of expressing gratitude are also felt in established relationships – by both parties.

“Expressing gratitude has been shown to benefit not only the expresser but also the person being thanked. Relationships where gratitude is expressed tend to be happier and healthier.”

the power of journaling

The most common exercise to assist in cultivating gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal, where you take time, either daily or weekly, to think about and write down the things you are thankful for. Not only does this provide a forum for introspection to focus on the things that matter, but “over time it builds a habit of thinking about those types of things”, says Dr. Williams.

To appreciate the power of a gratitude journal, look no further than Oprah Winfrey. The media mogul and WW spokeswoman was an early adopter of gratitude journaling – but she only really appreciated its power when she stopped doing it.

“I wondered why I no longer felt the joy of simple moments… I had accumulated more wealth, more responsibility, more possessions; everything, it seemed, had grown exponentially – except my happiness,” she says. “How had I, with all my options and opportunities, become one of those people who never have time to feel delight? I was stretched in so many directions, I wasn’t feeling much of anything. Too busy doing.”

So Oprah returned to what she knew had changed her life before, chronicling all she’s thankful for, a practice she says is one of the most powerful things she’s done.

happy new year!

Some of us planned to continue on program during the holidays; some chose to gain a little and allowed ourselves a planned amount of gain while enjoying the treats of the season! And there were those of us who didn't plan at all... 🤔 OK, like me!

And, like me, if you choose to get started today, Do It and

The new program is so simple to follow and so terrific, that you'll make it through the holidays without deprivation! ...and yep, lose weight! Just follow it. lose it. it is that easy.

the after christmas weigh in

a poem by the

Weight Watchers of philadelphia

newsletter team

I weighed myself today...

Oh please don't ask me why

On the scale, that I tried to avoid, nonetheless!

I wasn't surprised...But defiant.

Six pounds? Six weeks? No Way!

The number on that scale was just wrong.

When I'm "good"? eating well! all year? every day?

Even Santa would not go along.

The scale--one of the old ones,

Not as accurate as today's.

Move one way or the another,

And ounces and pounds go away.

So I leaned and I lifted, one foot then the other,

Like an acrobat, on a rope!

I kicked the darn thing, heard the Six say, "oh brother!"

Then simply stared back and said "nope".

It's real--6 pounds. I've earned eating

Lots of fruitcake, I didn't like.

And too many glasses of bad tasting punch,

That I knew the whole time was rum-spiked.

Six turns to sixty...and it happens fast.

I've seen that happen before ...

So I'm stopping it in its tracks--right NOW

Before six gets to twenty-four!

the Weight Watchers program is

for people who want to lose weight.

no diet. no deprivation.

right from the start eat your favorites. really!

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wishing you

a happy, healthy and peaceful

new year

from all of us at

Weight Watchers of Philadelphia

–Deb W, General Manager

and Voice of Philadelphia

Dear WW Philadelphia Member,

At the end of every year, I try to think of the many things for which I’m grateful.


Some things are simple as in, one good cup of coffee every day. I’m kind of embarrassed to say it but I’m such a snob about coffee. If I am not sure of the coffee, I just abstain. I’m the person that takes the French press camping because I can’t take the espresso machine.


After this year, I’ll never take good health and hardy genetics for granted anymore. Friend, listen to your body. Seek help if something doesn’t seem right. Don’t put it off for another day. Be your own best advocate and get care when you think you need it.


Eating healthy and taking care of ourselves makes a difference. You deserve your very best efforts at this and at some point, your life or recovery might depend upon it.


Not all cookies are worth eating. I really enjoy a good cookie and I saw quite a few cookies over the holidays. If there’s one thing, I’ve learned during my WW decades it’s that it is okay to take a bite and decide it’s not worth the Points and not finish it. Save the Points for the really GREAT cookies.


Never underestimate the kindness of a neighbor. Last Friday on the way to an appointment, I had a tire blowout and I drive one of those cars that doesn’t come with a spare tire. I called roadside service and arranged for the tow to the service center, but I really needed to get to the appointment. Darling husband got on his phone and made three calls to neighbors before he got an answer. They dropped everything, went to our house, got our other vehicle, brought it to us and I was on my way to the appointment. I was truly touched by the act of kindness, and I made sure to send some really GREAT cookies over to their house the next morning.


I’m grateful for the people who have been brought into my life from my years of Weight Watchers connections. Members and co-workers have been an amazing blessing to me and have blown me away with kindness at just the right times.


Here’s to another year of connections and creating even more beautiful memories. I’ll be visiting some workshops in the new year, usually on Saturdays, I hope to meet many of you out there. I love hearing about your successes on the program and how Weight Watchers has enriched your life.


Happy New Year,

Deb Wright

General Manager

Voice of Philadelphia


you only live once

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being limited by what our weight

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finger-foods for new years eve

polenta caprese canapes

mini spanakopita tarts

shrimp cocktail

glazed meatballs

chicks in blankets

greek layered dips

stuffed mushrooms

chocolate cigars

citrus punch

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