September 2021
October is Ag Month in Saskatchewan!
Food connects us all to agriculture! Saskatchewan farmers and producers work hard to grow safe, affordable and wholesome food to feed the people in our province, and around the world. You can #CelebrateAg in your classroom by ordering one of the FREE resources below!
My Food Story (EN/FR)
A learning kit that explores stories about how food is produced from gate-to-plate, and where students can share their own food stories in the classroom.

Foundations of SK Agriculture (EN/FR)
GRADES 3 TO 4 | Sci, SS
E-Learning courses now in FRENCH! Explore this series of interactive courses and information sheets about different crops grown and animals raised in Saskatchewan!

GRADES 7 TO 9 | Careers, Sci, SS
Students are introduced to Canadian farms and farmers across 10 provinces, the variety of agricultural commodities they produce, and their link to our food system.

GRADES 9 TO 12 | Hlth, ELA, Sci, SS
Students are encouraged to think critically about how they can make informed food choices through videos, interactive student sheets, and more!

Virtual Food Farms
GRADES 3 TO 4 | Province-wide

Classes work through stations that include a short video, learning resources and a hands-on activity that teach about where food comes from.
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Journey 2050
GRADES 7 TO 12 | Province-wide

Students explore global food sustainability led by agricultural experts and farm families from Kenya, India and Canada through a virtual farm simulation, career avatar game and geography scavenger hunt.
Book AITC-SK to virtually deliver part of the experience.
BioScience in Saskatchewan: Video Challenge
Grades 6 to 12 students are invited to showcase their ability to communicate science to a diverse audience through a 1 minute TikTok style video explaining a bioscience topic (agriculture, vaccines, animal health, etc.). Register by October 5th, deadline for submissions is October 28th.
*NEW* Resource Curriculum Map Tool
Integrating AITC resources into your classroom has never been easier! This tool provides recommended resources that are mapped to curriculum outcomes for each grade, ensuring hands-on, memorable learning experiences for your students.
*NEW* Photo Gallery
Looking for high quality photos? Check out our NEW photo gallery, in partnership with Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan, that includes all things agriculture: crops, animals, machinery, history, technology, and more!