September 5, 2017 "Central Focus?"
          "Personal Focus"
What is your personal focus when it comes to your family business? A way to make a living? A tool to make as much money as possible? To have a nice home? To go on great vacations? To be better known and a higher status in your community? Are you in business for security in your retirement? Are you the next generation and working for the hope of future ownership? Personal focus should be your central focus.
       "Central Focus"
When it comes to central focus, "central" takes on the one of the dictionary meanings "crucial." Crucial in that the central focus will be the main reason and motivation for doing something. Central focus also takes on the meaning of being a chief thing, event, feeling, desire etc., that you are really striving to secure or achieve. Is your family business just about achieving or securing the money and material benefits it can bring?
        "Family - Central Focus?"
When you are focused on something you pay better attention to it. You take care of it, defend it and are passionate about it. In a family business the success of the family must be the central focus. All family members involved in the business must be passionate about assisting one another to be successful. If it is just about "me," relationships slowly begin to crumble with the business not far behind. When that happens the money, status and security go with it. What is your Central Focus?
"You can only 'see clearly' if you focus on the right things in life."
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