"Change My Life...
...And make it new and help me Lord to live for you!"

September 2018

The words to Super B ook 's "The Salvation Poem" rang out in the small village of Kućan Marof where we sent our teens to help out with a day camp. It was 4 days until school would start again, and they were itching for a final HURRAH before the start of school. What better way to spend their time than serving the Lord together, sharing the Gospel, and having so much fun because they got to do it together ?
"The Salvation Poem" rang out once again a week later, this time in our own church building.  We  realised that one way to open the hearts of the community to the Gospel and show the love of Christ is to provide for the physical needs of the people.

We began in August by collecting school supplies for the needy. We asked our people to either buy the school supplies themselves or donate money for them. We then contacted social services and asked them for their assistance in making sure that the supplies would go to needy children. The social workers that we talked to were truly touched by our project. We also decided to organise a Back to School Party which we advertised in the community. Christian Broadcasting Network joined in the fun by providing us with an episode of Super Book that had a not yet been shown, along with a live appearance of Gizmo! All supplies that were not handed out at the party went to Social Services (to be distributed to those that they knew were in need).  
Our intent as a church is to host more of these kinds of projects, not just for needy children, but we also have a heart to serve delinquent children. Who should be better equipped than those who have been given the key to healing the soul?

M ario's US Tour finally came to an end. We are grateful for the many open doors, new friends, and hearts open to the Word o f God. After his return and a few days of rest with the family, he is ready to get back into action and into what God has for us in the country of Croatia . H owever, in certain circumstances it is difficult to be effective. We'd like to share one of these circumstances with you and ask you to join in prayer with us regarding it.
In over 20 years of ministry (and seventeen years of marriage) our family has moved frequently because we have never owned our own home. Because of certain unusual circumstances (our living by faith) and the un stable economy in which we live, the banks here in Croatia are  not inclined to give us a large enough loan to buy a home.  
Our prayer is that God would give us a lasting solution to this problem. It would be easier and healthier for the children to not have to move every 3-4 years . It would also provide a solution to housing guests, missionaries looking for a place to stay, ect (as we would be looking for a home with a guest room). Would you be in prayer with us for this need?
We are thankful to God for each of you, for your faithful prayer and support.
Mario & Bonnie!
 Croatian Evangelistic Outreach
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