August 2022


Toastmasters International Convention Update

Kalpana Aroda,DTM District 101 Director, Abhijeet Joshi,DTM Program Quality Director and Raji Bandanapudi,DTM,Club Growth Director attended the TI's district training and Convention in Nashville(August 15-August 21,2022). The connections and discussions held during the training sessions have helped with greater clarity on the operations and bring back a wealth of resources and knowledge to benefit District 101 members.


Watching the finalists compete to win the trophy for the 'World Champion of Public Speaking" was an extraordinary experience. The winner's speech is now available to watch on youtube. Witness storytelling in its best version

Cyril Junior Dim, World Champion of Public Speaking 2022 has a special message for our D101 members

Start a New Club

Love to travel? Wanting to speak with like-minded travelers? - Check out this new, one of a kind club: Travel Talkers! You can sign up for the demo meeting for Travel Talkers. Ready to set sail September 8th!

Part of the Hollister Community? Interested in a new community club? This club is launching early September. Get in touch with for more information.

Sales and Marketing are essential components for any enterprise to be a success! Already in the business, but want to know more? Thinking you’d like to learn about sales and marketing? ,This Advanced Club takes your knowledge, whatever level, to a higher place. Checkout Sales and Marketing Advanced Toastmasters


You love to make people laugh and want to focus on expanding your expertise. That’s the focus of HaHa club. To find out more, send a message to

Are you a part of the pride community or want to learn more about it? Check out Pride Community Toastmasters

An adventure, lesson learned, Victory? Fantasy, history, current day? Find out about this new, exciting adventure in Toastmasters that could help you tell and find YOUR hero’s journey. Find out more here: Yours Hero’s Journey 


Be a hero and open the world of Toastmasters for your workplace, your community or your secret hobby! Email us at

Membership Renewals

Do you remember your first ever Toastmasters meeting ? 

You stepped to gain great confidence or to give better, more powerful presentations.  Perhaps you joined to connect with members outside your network.  The clubs thrive when members renew. It  brings energy, ideas and many opportunities to learn and lead.  

Renewals are now open! The Club Growth Team is excited to announce Stellar September! 


Renew 75% of your club’s base membership by September 15th and receive $75 in District Credit; renew 100% and receive $100 in District Credit.

Take a Survey

District leadership would like to request for club members to fill this short survey to give us a better understanding of how can we help enrich your Toastmasters Experience.  

Business Meeting

The District Executive Committee & District Council Meeting will take place on September 24th.  

Club Presidents and VPEs are required to register and attend the business meeting. The main purpose of the business meeting is to: 

  • Uphold the mission of Toastmasters International and serve as its ambassadors
  • Approve and oversee the budget and financial matters
  • Incorporate member needs into organizational decisions and more..

Open House  

 We each love our clubs. Share it with others!. Invite guests and members to come visit all the goodness in your club. Become the Top House in District 101 and earn recognition at the district event.  


It’s time to invite guests and members to the best club in D101. Are you ready to host ?

Last Chance for COT's

Start the year with a bang and get all the officers trained. Register: or


Early Achievers

 Every Club completing 5 DCP points will be recognized as the Early Achievers. Each club achievement will be awarded a district credit of $101. 

Fantastic Five

Any club submitting 5 unique individual educational awards by November 30th will be recognized as a part of fantastic five. Each member will be recognized with a vacuum sealed water bottle or $20 in district credit. 

Triple Crown

 Any member getting three educational awards by April 15th will get a Triple Crown Pin from Toastmasters. 

Shout Outs

Congratulations to all the clubs who have had all seven officers trained! Report published here.

Congratulations to all the winners of D101's first ever PitchFest!  

  • Andrew Le
  • Anna Garcia
  • Elaine Lung & Jacaranda Geiger
  • Helen Josephine
  • John Estrada
  • Kyle Elizabeth Wood
  • Alex Sandoval
  • Tam Le
  • Samantha Jamwal,
  • Ramona Wang,
  • Sarah Tang

Take a Break!

Congratulations Mary Ann Clugston, DL5, EH4 for being the first one to send the correct answer to the puzzle for the last edition. 

Puzzle for this edition 

There are three houses. One is red, one is blue, and one is white. If the red house is to the left of the house in the middle, and the blue house is to the right to the house in the middle, where is the white house?

The first person to send the correct answer to the brain teasing question above to will be announced as a winner in the next edition

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