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Sope Creek Foundation

The Foundation was started in 1996 by a group of Sope Creek parents who understood that by working together, enriching educational tools could be  provided  beyond county funds.

Check it Off Campaign

Today begins the Foundation's final 2-week push for the Check it Off campaign!! Your child will be coming home with our latest flyer highlighting NEW INCENTIVES . See the bottom of this email for more details! 

During the next two weeks, our emails will be featuring stories of how past projects of the Foundation have come to fruition. It is our hope that the Check it Off campaign will allow many more projects that enhance and enrich the academic experience for ALL Sope Creek students. We are hoping we can count on your support to make a suggested donation of $75 per child, if you haven't done so already. If you have, we thank you! 

We need your help to reach our goal of having 100% of our families participate in this campaign.  Currently we are at 24% participation, which is just over 200 families; which means we have a LOT more to go! 
 Here are a few of our new incentives! 
An entry into a drawing for an
Octoberfest Parking Pass!
An entry into a drawing to be
"PE Coach for the Day"
An entry into a drawing to be
"Principal for a Day"!
A Kona Ice Party for the class in each grade with the highest percentage of participation.
Waffle House breakfast with 
Dr. Daugherty in the Sope Creek Café for the class with the highest overall participation percentage.

 An  extra recess  
will be awarded for each class that has 100% participation. 
Should the Foundation reach $55,000 in donations by Saturday, Oct 10th, Dr. Daughtery and the administration with be performing the "Watch Me" (whip/nae nae) dance during Octoberfest!
Please note that if you have previously made your contribution to the Check It Off campaign, then your child already qualifies for these incentives. And a sincere thank you to all of our families who have donated to this campaign...every contribution counts! 
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